The Spell Warriors Graphic Novel Seems to Be the Tip of an Iceberg

Okay, so this appears to be an odd one.

The Spell Warriors Graphic Novel Seems toThis is a Kickstarter for a graphic novel, Spell Warriors, by friend-of-Bleeding Cool John Reppion and Dheeraj Verma. Nothing unusual about that. Just made its target. Less than a day to go as well.

But it's not 'created' by either, but by one Saul Kramer , who dubs himself as creator and art director. But that's just the start.

The 'About' page of the Spell Warriors website lists Patrick Judd as manager, Jason Dorf as concept artist, Graham Sisk as talisman artist, John Reppion as graphic novel writer, Junti Dutta as character artist, Antonio Marte as sprite and wisp artist, Dheeraj Verma as Head Artist and Kishan Harchandani as Chief Technology Officer.

Quite a lot for a Kickstarter.

The Spellwarriors website is full of character detail and illustration, some of it rather beautiful. Lots of locations, maps, characters, huge amount of work has been put in by these folk into creating a fantasy world, that will only be seen in story in this graphic novel. And the eventual equivalent of the Silmarillion in decades hence…

Here's a look at just a few of them. Beginning, appropriately with 'Wisps Of The Mental Order' – there are five orders, and those orders are devided into subsections – and this is just the wisps…

The Spell Warriors Graphic Novel Seems to Be the Tip of an Iceberg

The Mental Order is all about the power of the mind and expanding its capabilities beyond that of a normal humanoid. Illusion, Primal, and Seer Wisps are just a few of the many different types of Mental Wisps that a person can bond with after releasing a strong output of mental energy from connecting to another living being on a mental level or even solving a complex puzzle.

Here's the Hoots Village, one of many painted locations.

The Spell Warriors Graphic Novel Seems to Be the Tip of an Iceberg

A humble fishing village known as Hoots Village, this coastal town has nothing of value to boast of. Instead, they wile away their hours on the waters collecting whatever happens to swim past their shores. Their one claim to fame is that the rivers around their town connect directly out to the Great Fathom where many a young Feytin has met their doom.

The Spell Warriors Graphic Novel Seems to Be the Tip of an IcebergOne of the many characters, Seline, and just one of her illustrations.

Seline was abandoned by her mother which is sadly common thing in Minkx culture. Weakness is looked down upon so parents will often abandon their children and watch them from afar to see how they adapt and survive in order to determine if they are worth the investment of being sent to an assassination school. Those who are strong survive, those who are weak are shunned and treated as second class citizens. Those Minkx children who remain cast aside and unable to join an assassination school often band together, however, and Seline was able to find a home with them for many years.

Surviving on the city streets by thieving, Seline caught the attention of a secret assassination society called the "Slay & Skulls Camaraderie". Made up entirely of other forgotten Minkx children, Seline joined with them and quickly rose up their ranks earning many of their unique badges.

Seline's final test to receive her hundredth badge was to assassinate a target with no questions asked. Seline was able to accomplish this task only to learn afterward that the target she had killed was her own mother that had abandoned her as a young child. Deeply affected by this, Seline now carries the burden of guilt in her heart and soul. For this reason, she has vowed to never take another innocent life.

And here's a video introduction to the whole Spellverse…

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