Stan Lee Says Marvel Has No Room For Hatred, Intolerance, Or Bigotry

Marvel has released a statement from Stan Lee in support of diversity and against hatred, intolerance, and bigotry ahead of New York Comic Con. In a recorded video message, Lee speaks directly to Marvel's readers in the midst of a wave of "anti-SJW" 🙄 complaints directed at Marvel and harassment targeted at some of their writers.

Stan Lee Says Marvel Has No Room For Hatred, Intolerance, Or Bigotry

"Marvel has always been and always will be a reflection of the world outside our window," Lee says in the video. "That world may change and evolve, but the one thing that will never change is the way we tell our stories of heroism. Those stories have room for everyone, regardless of their race, gender, religion, or color of their skin. The only rooms we don't have room for are hatred, intolerance, and bigotry."

"That man next to you, he's your brother," Lee continued. "That woman over there, she's your sister. And that kid walking by, hey, who knows — he may have the proportionate strength of a spider. We're all part of one big family, the human family, and we all come together in the body of Marvel. And you, you're part of that family. You're part of the Marvel Universe that moves ever upward and onward to greater glory. In other words: excelsior!"

Watch the video below:

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