Barzinga! Stories Of Marvel, DC, And True Love – With Special Guest Star Doug Moench!

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Everytime I head up to Douch Moench's house, I know I'm in for a treat. Rich and I have gone up a handful of times to visit, and frankly it's one of the few comic book related things I look forward too.

Doug is a fascinating man; he has countless stories about nearly everyone in the industry, and his house is stunning. Sitting in a picturesque part of Pennsylvania, his house is home to thousands of books. You could honestly spend weeks–if not months–inside of his house reading everything. Of course I can't ignore the fact that he also created Moon Knight and Bane, and wrote countless Batman stories. He seldom (if ever) does convention appearances, or appearances in general. He once remarked that he went to a showing of Batman & Robin to do a signing at a theater, and almost no one knew who he was.

The last time he was at New York Comic Con is also and interesting story. He went last minute, unannounced, and by the time people caught on that he was signing at the DC booth, he was on his way out.

All that said, he is a really nice guy. His wife is just as sweet, and I sincerely love visiting them with Rich. We did a Barzinga with him the a few days ago, and honestly we could have probably spent hours recording his stories. They're all good. But we did get one that proves that there is such a thing as true love.


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