Barzinga with Bleeding Cools Kaitlyn Booth: San Diego Comic-Con Aftermath

Barzinga with Bleeding Cool's Kaitlyn Booth: San Diego Comic-Con Aftermath

It's always bittersweet to say goodbye to your friends, which is why I like to commemorate the ending of another con with Barzinga Granted, Rich Henn wasn't on hand, but we had fun all the same My guest today was Kaitlyn Booth, head film writer of Bleeding Cool! So grab yourself a drink and tune[...]

Barzinga at Kansas City BBQ to Enjoy Top Gun and SDCC 2018

Barzinga at Kansas City BBQ to Enjoy Top Gun and SDCC 2018!

On tonight's Barzinga we head to Kansas City BBQ in San Diego, CA, during the insanity that is San Diego Comic-Con The restaurant was also a filming location for Top Gun! The piano used in the film is even there We kick back with a beer, reminisce about Top Gun, and talk comics So grab[...]

Barzinga at Farpoint 25

Barzinga at Farpoint 25!

This past weekend at Farpoint, my Barzinga co-hosts and I finally got back together! We talked about Mine!, Thrawn, and, well, Soiree Salon On today's episode we're enjoying DuClaw's Bare Ass Blonde, a pale blonde ale with a smooth kick Here's to another year of great friends, great cons, and great beer![...]

Barzinga At Baltimore Comic Con 2017

Barzinga At Baltimore Comic Con 2017!

We were able to sneak in one new Barzinga during the con on Friday night, so sit back, grab your favorite drink, and enjoy! Baltimore Comic Con has come and gone I was on hand the whole weekend with some of my very best pals, and we all had a productive, and busy weekend[...]

Barzinga: The Realm Old Fashioneds And Conventions

Barzinga: The Realm, Old Fashioneds, And Conventions!

But I digress! On today's episode of Barzinga, Rich Henn and I talk about The Realm, the hottest new book from Seth M Peck and Jeremy Haun The book reminds us of Dungeons & Dragons meets Mad Max, and apparently that's the consensus with everyone else We also talk about upcoming shows and events, plus[...]

Happy National Beer Lovers Day Beer Nerds

Happy National Beer Lovers Day, Beer Nerds!

In honor of the day, here's some of my favorite episodes of Barzinga that Rich Henn and myself have done!Barzinga at Heroic Aleworks The superhero themed brewery in Woodbridge, VA, should absolutely be on your list of places to visit.Barzinga with Jim Shooter, Alex Saviuk, and Paul Soles When Henn and I visited the Great[...]

Barzinga At Henn Fest 2017 With Fancy Star Wars Tiki Cups

Barzinga At Henn Fest 2017 With Fancy Star Wars Tiki Cups!

On today's Barzinga, I made my way to the annual Henn Fest, where Rich Henn brings together a motley crew of excellent people to celebrate all things Henn Sort of.I brought along the newest Star Wars tiki cups from the ever-fabulous Think Geek, so we could drink in nerdy style Do the cups live up[...]

Barzinga At San Diego Comic-Con 2017: BL Henn And Katy Rex

Barzinga At San Diego Comic-Con 2017: BL, Henn, And Katy Rex!

Join us now as we embark on our most exciting Barzinga yet!Last week I went to San Diego Comic-Con just so I could drink with my best friend forever, Rich Henn OK, that's not exactly true I went to see people I normally don't see One of those people just happens to be my[...]

Barzinga At Shore Leave With Author Russ Colchamiro

Barzinga At Shore Leave With Author Russ Colchamiro

Last weekend at Shore Leave, Rich Henn and I sat down with author Russ Colchamiro on his new book, Love, Murder, & Mayhem: Cosmic Tales From The Heart Gone Wrong. I'm actually reading the book right now, so I'll have a review of it up as soon as I'm done. It was a great night […]

Barzinga: The Lost Episode With Matt Wagner At C2E2

Barzinga: The Lost Episode With Matt Wagner At C2E2

If you see him at an upcoming con, be sure to say hi! And stay tuned for more Barzinga goodness coming to you this week. Back at C2E2, Rich Henn and I got to interview Mage creator Matt Wagner With Mage: The Hero Denied out now at comic shops, it seems only appropriate to finally[...]

Barzinga Meets Rise Of The Fangirl A Discussion With Kelly Pierce At Balticon 51

Barzinga Meets Rise Of The Fangirl! A Discussion With Kelly Pierce At Balticon 51

So sit down and relax, and enjoy this extra-long Barzinga/Rise of the Fangirl episode! A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to sit down with Kelly Pierce — longtime fangirl and longtime friend —who has watched fandom grow over the years Kelly has also been a con chair and has worked at Balticon for[...]

Barzinga At The Five Points Festival: Beer Toys Comics

Barzinga At The Five Points Festival: Beer! Toys! Comics!

Over the weekend, Henn and I traveled up to the Five Points Festival in NYC's Lower East Side. The show is a fantastic first-year con, as I've said in my previous report. We sadly didn't get any special guest stars on today's episode, but that's OK. Our next con will actually be Wizard World Philly, […]

Barzingas Free Comic Book Day Adventure

Barzinga's Free Comic Book Day Adventure!

Today, Rich Henn, CY, and I all traveled to a few shops in Maryland (and a bar) to celebrate Free Comic Book Day. In a stroke of luck, I also had a local comic zine on me, so a shoutout to Celebrated Summer Records in Baltimore, MD! Sit back, crack open a cold one, and […]

Smelling Comics Drinking Beer Eating Pizza. Barzinga at C2E2

Smelling Comics, Drinking Beer, Eating Pizza. Barzinga at C2E2!

Henn admits he prefers to physically read, and smell, comics, while I'm a little more hesitant about that (but yes, I know a lot of people do it) but if they smell of leaves that happen to be celebrated on 4:20, all the better.Remember when I spoke to Revolution Brewery's Steve Nichols just over a week[...]

Barzinga At Regeneration Who Exploding Tardis Dr. Who And A Beautiful View

Barzinga At Regeneration Who! Exploding Tardis', Dr. Who, And A Beautiful View!

While I was a Regeneration Who not too long ago, I talked Henn into coming down to hang out. We sat down, had a fancy blue drink (which wasn't bigger on the inside), and had a quick catch up. We also don't know much about Dr. Who, I apologize. can't be loaded because JavaScript […]

Barzinga At Disney Worlds Epcot Lets Drink Around The World

Barzinga At Disney World's Epcot! Let's Drink Around The World!

Barzinga is back, and This past week Henn and I were at Disney World with his family, kicking it up in the warm Florida sun Disney is always a great time, especially when you can drink around the world with your friends But we had also just gotten back from Star Wars: Celebration, which was[...]

Fanboy Funk: Barzinga At Big Apple Comic Con

Fanboy Funk: Barzinga At Big Apple Comic Con

And I promise, one day Rich and I will do another Barzinga together! This past weekend Ed and I headed up to beautiful New York City to check out Big Apple Comic Con If you read my previous con report, you'll know that this show wasn't the best[...]

Redline Archer Barzinga At Emerald City Comic Con 2017

Redline! Archer! Barzinga At Emerald City Comic Con 2017!

During Emerald City Comic Con, our fearless Barzinga co-host Rich Henn got to hang out with the creative team for the new Oni Press comic Redline (Neal Holman, Clayton McCormack, Kelly Fitzpatrick)! Rich also discussed the end of Archer with Holman, and seriously they're all having a blast while I stayed at home doing nothing[...]