Ta-Nahesi Coates Talks Marvel's Lenient Crossover Policies For Black Panther In Marvel Legacy

Marvel has revealed the details for Black Panther in Marvel Legacy, from Ta-Nehisi Coates, Leonard Kirk, and Brian Stelfreeze.

Ta-Nahesi Coates Talks Marvel's Lenient Crossover Policies For Black Panther In Marvel Legacy

Marvel has been slowly doling out EXCLUSIVE reveals for its Marvel Legacy titles to all of its compliant media partner websites. The latest is Black Panther, revealed in an interview on Entertainment Weekly with the creative team of Ta-Nehisi Coates and Leonard Kirk. The solicitation for this issue:

Black Panther's greatest foe has returned – Ulysses Klaw is back and ready for war! Can T'Challa defeat the man who killed his father all while his country struggles to its feet?  And as war looms, Wakanda's gods have disappeared. Enter the Originators! The former gods are back — but what are their intentions for a land that has forgotten them?
PLUS: Includes 3 bonus MARVEL PRIMER PAGES! Story by Robbie Thompson and a TBA artist!

In the interview, Coates talked about how the themes behind the book will continue into Marvel Legacy:

One of the cool things about my Marvel work is they don't smush you into crossovers.

Please excuse us for one moment.

Sorry about that. Coates continued:

They don't say, "this is what's happening so you have to do X, Y, and Z." They've been very open with my work on Black Panther. But history has always been a part of the comic book. I love continuity, I love past Black Panther stuff, I love bringing in history. I think already in the next issue that's about to come out, you'll see past characters return. The climax of last "season" had all these former Black Panthers who come aid the country in fighting the rebellion. So it's not a huge stretch for me to reach back and place him in the context of Legacy in terms of Wakanda. I don't think it's as big a deal for Black Panther, because he was already there. I think in the one-shot that Jason Aaron is gonna do, you'll see explicit stuff about what's coming and some possible events we're talking about. Future stuff is gonna be hinted at. There's a lot of small things that are happening in Wakanda that are connected to a bigger thing that is gonna get teased out in Jason's story.

Black Panther #166 will hit stores in October.

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