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Hasbro Reveals Black Panther Legacy Collection Replica Helmet
It was not long ago when Hasbro announced the Marvel Legends Black Panther Legacy Collection This involved the re-release of some of the MCU's films hit collectibles like the hot Marvel Legends line It does look like one of the rarer collectibles is also making a return as Hasbro has unveiled the return of the[...]
The Black Panther Finally Explains Why He Divorced Storm
Once upon a time, T'Challa, The Black Panther married Ororo Monroe, Storm A king marrying a goddess It was quite an event, even if it seemed to come out of the blue. Which necessitated some newly revealed history between the pair when they were young. So that the Plot Gods of the Marvel Universe were satisfied[...]
Storm bails out T'Challa in this preview of Black Panther #6… does she hate democracy? Well, she is part of the mutant government, so probably Check out the preview below. Black Panther #6 by John Ridley & Stefano Landini, cover by Alex Ross Betrayal! The reveal of T'Challa's darkest secret has the Hatut Zeraze hunting him as a[...]
New Marvel Statues for Scarlet Witch, Vulture, Black Panther Arrive
It looks like both Marvel Comics and MCU statues are on the way, starting with Black Panther from Avengers: Endgame The King of Wakanda is back as Gentle Giant Ltd debuts their newest 1/6 scale statue that is limited to only 2,000 pieces He is displayed in his "Wakanda Forever" pose and is loaded with[...]
Marvel Comics August 2022 Solicits & Solicitations In Full
A new storyline called Range Wars is kicking off in Black Panther #9, as revealed in Marvel Comics' full August solicitations that just dropped a few minutes ago Written by John Ridley with art by Germán Peralta and a cover by Alex Ross, Black Panther #9 will introduce a brand new threat to Marvel's growing[...]
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But might Wakanda's own flaws be revealed here? We knew that White Wolf would be returning, from Captain America #0… Captain America #0 But in Captain America: Symbol Of Truth #1 making his move approaching a certain Crossbones! Symbol Of Truth #1 Will this tie in with the future revolution being teased in Black Panther? Black Panther #3 After all, having[...]
Hasbro Reveals Marvel Legends Black Panther Legacy Exclusives 
Hasbro has recently revealed that they are honoring the Legacy of Black Panther with the return of popular collectibles All of these collectibles returned to us from the debut of the Marvel Studios film Black Panther The biggest figures in the reveal were the return, and updated release of Marvel Legends figures with Nakia, Shuri,[...]
The Fantastic Four invade Wakanda in this preview of Black Panther Legends #4 How will the Panther retaliate? Will the Fantastic Four be held accountable for this stunning breach of international norms? Er… probably not But hopefully they'll get their asses kicked Check out the preview below. Black Panther Legends #4 by Tochi Onyebuchi & Ramon Bachs[...]
Hasbro Reveals Marvel Legends Black Panther Legacy Collection 
Wakanda Forever! The King of Wakanda is back and better than ever as Hasbro has announced their new Black Panther Marvel Studios Legacy Collection Some popular and pricey Marvel Legends figures are making their return from the first film with updated deco and better sculpts Four will be getting a wide release with Black Panther,[...]
Omolola stands accused of murder in this preview of Black Panther #5… but is she innocent, and will she get a fair trial? T'Challa isn't immune either, as his own activities are under investigation Can't he just lie about it and have half the country believe him anyway thanks to massive media propaganda machines? That's[...]
PrintWatch: Avengers, Black Panther, She-Hulk, Cult Of Ikarus Seconds
PrintWatch: Marvel Comics is putting Avengers Forever #3, Black Panther #4 and She-Hulk #2 back for second printings, for the 13th of April. AVENGERS FOREVER #3 (W) Jason Aaron (A/CA) Aaron Kuder WAR FOR THE WASTELANDS! Tony Stark, the Invincible Ant-Man Robbie Reyes, a Ghost Rider unlike any other from across the multiverse, still changing, still becoming what[...]
If T'Challa thinks he can slip a sleeper agent past Storm in this preview of Black Panther #4, he has another thing coming You think someone can live through the Perlmutter ban era of X-Men and not develop an intense sense of paranoia? It isn't paranoia if they really are out to get you, anyway[...]
The King of Wakanda is Back with New Black Panther Sideshow Statue
The one and only Black Panther is back as Sideshow Collectibles reveals their new Marvel Cinematic Universe statue Coming in at a whopping 26.5" tall, the live action version of the King of Wakanda returns and will feature two portraits Collectors will be able to showcase the Black Panther in his masked design as well[...]
New Black Panther Costume Designed To Fight Doctor Doom (Spoilers)
Black Panther time! This week sees the release of Avengers #53 by Jason Aaron and Javier Garron A book that has been throwing the Marvel Universe – and Multiverse – at the Avengers, who are throwing every aspect of the Avengers back, an infinite variety of Avengers across time, space and reality in a battle[...]
Black Panther #3 Review: Unexpected Nuances
That idea is central to Black Panther #3, where T'challa's mission to save sleeper agents he's placed around the globe runs into unexpected challenges while showing equally unexpected nuances for the characters herein. Black Panther #3 Cover Credit: Marvel Comics While trying to recall one of the agents placed in deep cover, T'challa and another Wakandan agent[...]