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Cleveland Browns Last Made The Playoffs In 2002, A Comics Perspective
X-Men, Marvel NOW!, Age of Ultron, Infinity, Battle of the Atom, Original Sin, Spider-Verse, Secret Wars, All New All Different, Civil War 2, Secret Empire, Marvel Legacy, Infinity Wars, War of Realms, Absolute Carnage, Powers of X, House of X Whew. –The New 52 was not launched for another eight years It started in September 2011. -The[...]
Despicable Deadpool
That means the series will have run just 14 bi-weekly issues since quasi-relaunching as part of Marvel Legacy What will the Legacy of Marvel Legacy be? Potentially forgettable in the grand scheme of things, it would appear. If Bleeding Cool is right — and tell us, when have we ever been wrong?! — that means the[...]
Top Marvel Comics of 2017 #5: Venom #156 by Mike Costa and Mark Bagley
Specifically, we're talking Venom #156. Venom #156 cover by Mark Bagley, Andrew Hennessy, and Paul Mounts This was the second "Marvel Legacy" issue of Venom, which brought back veteran Mark Bagley as the artist It was part of the "Lethal Protector" story arc, which pitted Venom against Kraven the Hunter over the fate of the underground dinosaur people created by Stegron[...]