The All-New Hulk Is…? Part Two


On Friday, Bleeding Cool ran a rumour from an unknown, unverifiable and unsure source, that the new Hulk wold be the Ultimate Mister Fantastic. An interesting thought, and we had no idea of the veracity of it. It wasn't a well sourced rumour like the FF cancellation or Thing in the Guardians of The GalaxyBut it was the weekend, so what the hey.

Well, Talking Comic Books have heard their own rumour which, frankly, seems a little more believable, and fits EIC Axel Alonso's line about a controversial silhouette.

Amadeus Cho.

Who not only originated in the Hulk books, whose mother appeared as a character in Avengers Age Of Ultron and who you see being the Hulk, with his current young weedy frame – but still with the Hulk strength.

I could see that as being a thing. Or a hulk.

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