The Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, 1st December 2019 – A Slow Week In Comics


Top ten bestselling comics of the week

  1. X Force #2
  2. New Mutants #2
  3. Detective Comics #1,016
  4. Venom #20
  5. Fallen Angels #2
  6. Flash #83
  7. Action Comics #1,017
  8. Tales of the Dark Multiverse Infinite Crisis #1
  9. Hellblazer: John Constantine #1
  10. Justice League Dark #17

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Who had this to say:

Was an alright week. No real hot comic to drive people in this week. People are getting confused by the DC covers. Had people that thought the Action Comics issue was a Lex Luthor comic and after looking at it I could see why.


Pretty slow week for new releases at FFF with Venom taking the top spot. In of itself that's not surprising, but the amount we sold is. But I foresee next week being a little busier as people will actually be in town to pick up their weekly pull. The weekly X-Books were New Mutants at #2, X-Force at #4 and Fallen Angels at #5. Constantine's new series started off with a fair showing as it hit #3 in our Top Ten. The shock of the week (other than the low turnout for new books) was how well we sold on Conan 2099. These new Conan fans who came out of the woodwork when Marvel got the rights back are open to trying anything with the Cimmerian in it. Flash hasn't been on the Top Ten list in a while, but thanks to the light turnout, it's back in the #10 spot. All this talk of slow new books aside we've actually done very well with our back issues during our Black Friday/Small Business Saturday. It's funny how we still do well with comics, just not anything new.


Slower week due to the holiday, but the Dawn of X titles are still holding strong, with X-Force leading the charge. Aside from the flagship X-Men book, X-Force is the title that seems to be doing the best, given the previous issue's cliffhanger and the fact that people like X-Force a lot more when it's not being headlined by Edgy-Teenaged-Cable. Though, admittedly, the most frequently asked question these days is "what the **** is going on with Cable?". Speaking of, Fallen Angels is holding on better than expected, all things considered. We were shorted on Detective Comics pretty significantly, otherwise that title would almost certainly have been higher on the list.

Notable sales:

  • Incredible Hulk #180 CGC 9.2 $1,400 1st Cameo Wolverine
  • Incredible Hulk #181 CGC 8.0 $3,400 1st App Wolverine

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