Today is Green Lantern Day (2.8.14) And You Can Watch Charles Soule Live Streaming

The Nerdy Show with our own A Comic Show host Aaron Haaland are planning a once a month feature with comic creators about their most iconic work from now until August, and the show is a mash-up of interview, panel, game show, and Q&A. They're kicking off on Green Lantern Day (2.8.14) with Charles Soule as their first victim…I mean esteemed guest… at 2PM EST.

Nerdy Show Comic Show Soule

You can watch the show here.

They describe today's event as:

Imagine a panel at a convention… and now imagine it hopped up on rage energy!  It's a live interview with comics author Charles Soule (Red LanternsSuperman/Wonder WomanSwamp ThingThunderboltsShe-Hulk,Inhuman, and Letter 44) but since it's Nerdy Show, it's anything but normal.  We're dusting off the Wheel of Fate to decide what we discuss and what strange challenges we'll have to endure.  There's audience participation, a Q&A, and plenty of surprises.  Plus – if the first 28 people to show up will get a free Green Lantern/Red Lanterns #28.  And there's other raffles and door prizes too (including an all-the-damn-books-Soule- wrote-this-year prize pack).

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