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The Bernard Chang main cover to Green Lantern #1, by Geoffrey
DC Comics has released a preview of Green Lantern #1, debuting next Tuesday, April 6th in comic stores, such as they are The solicit for the comic is so long that we barely have to write anything about it to hit minimum article word count requirements, so good news for you, reads: you are spared[...]
This Week's Green Lantern Comes Out Against
But tomorrow's Green Lantern Season Two #12 finale from DC Comics written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Liam Sharp brings a new word to the DC Comics lexicon In a scene looking at the fostering of division and hatred, some of those words spill out. Green Lantern #12 by Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp For the[...]
Batman The Dawnbreaker Brings The Darkness to Prime 1 Studio
In an alternate universe, Bruce Wayne is chosen by the Green Lantern Corps after the death of his parents However, he was so engaged with the pain of his parent's death that even the ring could not stop him from killing Joe Chill This Bruce continues to corrupt the ring and bring power from the[...]
Future State Green Lantern #2 Review: Hold The Line
With an incredibly strong lead story, Future State #2: Green Lantern continues a look at what happens to Green Lanterns when the source of their powers, the very light they shine on the galaxy, goes dark From a brutal war story to an intimate tale of people lost in the dark to "whatever happened to Hal[...]
Is Hal Jordan To Blame For Future State: Green Lantern?
In a preview for Infinite Frontier #from DC Comics, we see Green Lanterns John Stewart and Simon Bax, and Teen Lantern Keli Quintela heading to Oa. Infinite Frontier #0 Infinite Frontier #0 In today's Future State: Green Lanterns #2, courtesy of Josie Campbell and Andie Tong, we get to see what happens when she gets there So…not that[...]
Far Sector #10 Review: One Of The Best Books On The Stands
Jemisin, Jamal Campbell The groundbreaking sci-fi series approaches its thrilling climax! Since arriving at the City Enduring, Sojourner "Jo" Mullein has confronted an insidious conspiracy of murder and mayhem, but even this most resilient Green Lantern reaches her breaking point when she uncovers an "emotional sweatshop" producing black-market feelings for a world without them[...]
Auto Draft
We've already told you about Shazadam at DC Comics; what's next? Well, original Green Lantern Alan Scott is next up Bleeding Cool was the first place to report way back when in May 2012, that Alan Scott would now be portrayed as a gay man At the time, the character was established in a parallel Earth 2[...]
Future State Green Lantern #1 Review: A Lot Of Story
Future State: Green Lantern #1 is a book that takes the term "future state" very seriously; things have gone outrageously wrong for the 7,200 members of the intergalactic law enforcement organization In the very near future, the central power battery that gives the Green Lanterns their light … goes dark Not for a few minutes,[...]
DC Comics April 2021 Solicitations In Full
We knew that the new Green Lantern series written by Geoffrey Thorne for DC Infinite Frontier in April from DC Comics would feature John Stewart prominently It's just not the only Lantern Obviously not Hal Jordan, Geoff Thorne is not a masochist But it is also worth noting that the series was announced at CCXP[...]
Green Lanterns Lose Their Rings - For Decades - In DC Future State
As Bleeding Cool previously stated "Jo Mullein has the reputation of uniting the Green Lantern Corps in time to solve Oa's greatest mystery, is the ring loss that mystery?" and in today's Future State: Justice League from DC Comics, you get a glimpse of that. Future State: Justice League #1 As well as Jo Mullein at work[...]
Sinestro Brings the Chaos With New DC Rebirth Xm Studios Statue
Fear is stronger than willpower as Sinestro is ready to take on the Green Lantern Corps XM Studios has announced their newest DC Comics Rebirth statue featuring the might and all-powerful Sinestro with Parallax The leader of the Sinister Corps stands roughly 20" and is handcrafted and hand-painted Based on the DC Rebirth story, these[...]
DC Future State Gossip: Maybe That's Not The Kid Quick Flash On Cover To Infinite Frontier #0
And it will also see him write the original Green Lantern Alan Scott The character was recently established as a gay character in DC continuity Tynion will again be writing about his superheroic children, Obsidian and Jade, as a sequel to his Green Lantern 80th anniversary comic-  which reaffirmed Alan Scott's sexuality The question was[...]
DC Future State Gossip: Green Lantern Does A Star Trek: Discovery
It's Green Lantern future time In January and February, DC Comics will be running a two-month event, Future State, looking at potential and possible futures for the DC Universe, their most prominent characters and their successors Originally planned as the ongoing nature for these titles as 5G or Generation Five, it was truncated into two[...]
X-Men Origins Wolverine: Scott Adkins on Deadpool, Dr. Strange Regrets
The Canadian actor on numerous occasions throughout both films referred to the ill-fated 2009 film and his turn as Hal Jordan in the 2011 CG-laden Green Lantern In Deadpool 2 prior to the credits, the Merc with the Mouth took Cable's (Josh Brolin) time machine to undo "past wrongs" from saving Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), killing[...]
Far Sector #9 Review: One Of The Best Things On The Stands
Jo Muellin is a military veteran and defrocked cop who fought the system, now way, way out of her comfort zone as the only Green Lantern with an experimental ring and a lot going on In a city of billions, she's tasked with addressing the first murders in centuries and ends up going all the[...]