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Our line-up for this morning includes Disney+'s The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special ringing in the holidays right, Paramount+ dropping the first episode of Criminal Minds: Evolution for free on YouTube, Disney & Thanksgiving 2023 possibly playing a factor in the Doctor Who 60th anniversary, clarifying when a James Gunn Green Lantern "scoop" isn't[...]
A perfect example of that came our way on Thanksgiving after Gunn kindly posted a DC Comics image to everyone in honor of the holiday. Image: DC Comics In response, someone claimed (we're hoping jokingly) that the lack of Green Lantern in the image meant that Gunn & Safran had "no intention" of integrating the character into[...]
Green Lantern, Penguin, "Harry Potter" Series & More HBO Max Updates
Abrams, the importance of Green Lantern, where Penguin fits on The Batman timeline, Gunn possibly having more Peacemaker universe plans in play, the upcoming It film franchise prequel series Welcome to Derry; and the possibility of a "Harry Potter" streaming series. Image: DC Comics, Warner Bros Discovery, WBD Screencaps J.J Abrams Still Has an HBO Max Series[...]
Green Lantern, Daredevil, SNL, CM Punk & More: BCTV Daily Dispatch
Our line-up for this morning includes HBO Max redeveloping Green Lantern to focus on John Stewart, BBC's Doctor Who finding a quality companion in Disney+, Netflix previewing Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre, Jack Harlow bringing some inadvertent Halloween spirit to NBC's Saturday Night Live, Charlie Cox kicking ass training-wise for Disney+'s Daredevil:[...]
How People Reacted To A Black Green Lantern, In 1971
Back in 2010, I ran reaction to the trailer to the then-upcoming Green Lantern movie, starring Ryan Reynolds in a role he would later regret taking With everyone seemingly surprised that Warner Bros had cast a white man in the role At the time I pointed out that most normal people who had heard of[...]
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TV-based Berlanti Productions' take on a Green Lantern series, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting this morning that the series is going through a ground-up refocusing that sees writer & showrunner Seth Grahame-Smith departing the project after having completed scripts for a full, 8-episode season (with Grahame-Smith reportedly choosing to depart after leadership changes at the[...]
DC Comics Crime Syndicate Power Ring Revealed by McFarlane Toys
This Green Lantern stands with Superwoman, Superman, and Owl Man on Earth-3, and it will be nice to finally have the team together McFarlane Toys did not hold back with John Stewart's design, and sadly, no lantern effects are featured A baby Starro figure is also a feature that can be attached to other McFarlane[...]
DC Nixes Kyle Rayner Tamales Variant in Favor of La Patria Tribute
The variant for Titans United, featuring Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, originally appeared to feature something other than a food theme, homaging La Patria, a painting by famous Mexican mural artist Jorge González Camarena, but that itself had caused legal issues for DC and Jorge Molina, and was replaced with imagery featuring a grocery bag full[...]
Nightwing and Green Lantern Joins McFarlane Toys Page Punchers Line
DC Comics Rebirth Nightwing makes his debut along with Green Lantern featuring his 2004 six-part Rebirth comic Both figures have five points of articulation and come in a cool clamshell package The comics will be easily removed from the package and can even be returned if you want for wall display Nightwing and Green Lantern[...]
Batman Fortress Introduces A New Green Lantern
Ch'p is a Green Lantern who first appeared in 1981 in Green Lantern #148, created by Paul Kupperberg and Don Newton An alien from the planet H'lven, he resembles an anthropomorphic rodent, such as a squirrel or chipmunk And gets a lot of stick for it. Ch'p stating the obvious Apparently, humans don't all look alike. After[...]
Peacemaker, Dune, The Penguin & Green Lantern are HBO Max IP Tentpoles
While describing HBO/Max scripted executive team member Sarah Aubrey, Bloys says they will be working with Joey Chavez, EVP Programming, to build up "tentpole IP series such as 'Peacemaker,' 'Dune,' 'The Penguin,' and 'Green Lantern.'" While it means absolutely nothing in terms of those IPs that weren't named, the four that were should take that[...]
John Stewart Levels Up in Emerald Knight One-Shot This November
Geoffrey Thorne and Marco Santucci will serve DC Comics readers a new helping of Green Lantern with a 48-page John Stewart: The Emerald Knight one-shot in November The comic will– "Oi! 'Old on a minute!" said Bleeding Cool Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston, rudely barging into our article "You 'eard about that 'ere first, you did! Pip pip!" Yes,[...]
Over the past few weeks, we've been "treated" to confirmations & "sources say…" updates on everything from Harley Quinn ("a very safe bet" for another season) and DC's Strange Adventures (no longer moving forward) to Green Lantern (moving forward and possibly filming this September) Earlier today, a Variety report ("Inside the Confusing State of DC,[...]
McFarlane Toys Fully Showcases New Gold Label Green Lantern Parallax 
This one took us off-world to a darker story of the Green Lantern mythos with the Emerald Twilight story Hal Jordan becomes the villain this time, and his power has been fully unleashed with McFarlane Toys It looks like links have started to go live at Walmart, giving DC Comics fans a closer look at[...]
Discovery, things were sounding promising for Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Seth Grahame-Smith's Green Lantern series It was May, and a casting call had gone out for the Finn Wittrock & Jeremy Irvine-starring series ahead of what was looking to be a fall start And then a change in ownership over at Warner Bros[...]
Green Lantern, Gotham Knights Moving Ahead; Strange Adventures Over
Earlier this week, during the latest episode of Hollywood Babble-On, filmmaker Kevin Smith shared the news that EP Greg Berlanti & HBO Max's DC's Strange Adventures had been scrapped and that the future wasn't looking too bright for Berlanti's "Green Lantern" series, either According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter released this afternoon, the[...]
The Many Lives Of Hawkgirl
Spoilers going forward of course. Such in today's Dark Crisis: Worlds Without A Justice League: Green Lantern A different Green Lantern world created by and for John Stewart, with its own priorities and ways of working But also including Natasha Irons – Steel, Starlight or Vaporlock – as a Green Lantern But once you make here[...]
But what about those projects that have been quietly floating around in limbo for the past two years? In this case, we're talking about EP Greg Berlanti's DC's Strange Adventures and Finn Wittrock-starring Green Lantern series Well, according to filmmaker & multimedia talent Kevin Smith in the latest episode of Hollywood Babble-On," things are not[...]
Interior preview page from Dark Crisis Worlds Without a Justice League Green Lantern #1
John Stewart isn't dead in this preview of Dark Crisis Worlds Without a Justice League Green Lantern #1 Just retired Check out the preview below. DARK CRISIS WORLDS WITHOUT A JUSTICE LEAGUE GREEN LANTERN #1 DC Comics 0622DC039 (W) Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Nadia Shammas (A) Fernando Blanco, Jack Herbert (CA) Fernando Blanco When Pariah and his forces of the Great[...]
McFarlane Announces DC Multiverse Green Lantern Parallax Figure 
One of the newest Build-A-Figure waves was for the hit Green Lantern storyline Blackest Night Since then, we have seen some more focus on Green Lanterns for the DC Multiverse line, and I absolutely love it! It looks like fans are in for another treat as McFarlane has revealed a new Gold Label DC Multiverse[...]
DC Comics Blackest Night Nekron Returns with New McFarlane MegaFig
A new MegaFig has been revealed, giving Green Lantern Blackest Night fans the arrival of Nekron. This undead enemy is the perfect figure to release as the new Green Lantern Blackest Night wave is just now starting to arrive That wave features Lantern Kyle Rayner and three Black Lanterns with Batman, Superman, and Deathstorm That set[...]
Green Lantern #30 featuring Streak the Wonder Dog (DC, 1948)
Streak the Wonder Dog was not the first dog hero of the Golden Age of comics.  Bulletdog (Bulletman #10, cover-dated December 1942) and Rang-A-Tang (Blue Ribbon Comics #1, November 1939) among others came along earlier.  But Streak did debut seven years before Krypto (Adventure Comics #210, March 1955), and his history and legacy have taken[...]
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The following is a page preview from the upcoming Dark Crisis #4, which shows Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern of the Justice Society Of America, leading Jon Kent Superman, Yara Flor Wonder Girl and Nightwing down a mysterious staircase in the dark, lit by the light of Alan Scott's lantern Deathstroke is trying[...]
All-American Comics featuring Harlequin, (DC Comics 1947-1948).
An incredibly accomplished and talented woman takes on a job in her profession that brings her into contact with one of the most famous and mysterious men in the world.  The job becomes an obsession which in turn leads her into a life as a costumed criminal so she can become closer to the legendary[...]
TOLDJA: Red Hood As Green Lantern & How The Justice League Survived?
On the 28th of April, Bleeding Cool posted the headline "Jason Todd To Be A New Green Lantern For DC Comics?" and followed up saying "I am told to expect him to be a Green Lantern on a new parallel Earth And one that may be sticking around for a while." Today, Brandon Schreur of[...]
Green Lantern #12 Review: Fascinating
The balance of power is changing in the galaxy as the Green Lanterns accept a new means of bringing order to lawless space, and every thread from this series gets tied up Green Lantern #12 serves as a capstone on either a breathtaking maxi-series or the opening act for a fascinating new direction. Green Lantern #12[...]
Grant Morrison On Woke Green Lantern Being Pansexual As Captain Kirk
Grant Morrison addressed the three-week-delayed response on their Substack today, as part of their look back at their revelatory Green Lantern Season Two run with Liam Sharp. I mentioned in a previous episode how I wanted to casually hint at Hal Jordan's pansexual nature but I was a little surprised to hear reports of a sudden[...]
Green Lantern: Beware My Power courtesy WB Home Entertainment.
An early look at Green Lantern: Beware My Power has just arrived on Bleeding Cool's virtual doorstep from our good friends at Warner Bros If you are excited about the recent news of a live-action Green Lantern coming to HBO Max, this feature animated adventure should whet your appetite Witness the action-packed induction of John Stewart[...]
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We will readily admit that it's been a while since we last checked in on how things were going with Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Seth Grahame-Smith's HBO Max series Green Lantern But with all of the Arrowverse controversy going on, there's a been a bigger focus on what's happening with the streaming shows that[...]
Ryan Reynolds Shares His Own Cut Of Green Lantern
In the case of the 2011 movie Green Lantern, some of its viewers, actors, and even the film's director aren't the most thrilled about their choices associated with the DC movie. Credit: Warner Bros. Though the film isn't necessarily all bad (in my opinion), it's often used as a superhero punchline regarding the challenges that the genre[...]