Tony Isabella Calls Batman Toxic, Says Character Ruins DC Comics

Black Lightning creator Tony Isabella isn't known for holding back his opinions, but his latest social media post about DC Comics is sure to spark some disagreements. Isabella let his fans know not to invite him to join any Facebook groups or visit any pages that have anything to do with Batman. According to Isabella, the Caped Crusader used to be one of his favorite characters, but Isabella now considers the Dark Knight "toxic" and blames him for "the ruination of DC Comics." Isabella feels that Batman being the "center" of DC's Universe hurts their other characters.

Here's a tip. Don't ask me to join groups or visit pages that have "Batman" in their titles. He was once my favorite comics hero. Now I consider him one of the most toxic and the ruination of DC Comics. DC hurts their other characters by making Batman the center of their universe.

At current count, Batman stars in multiple monthly titles. There's his own solo books, Batman and Detective Comics, as well as Batman/Superman , Batman Beyond, The Batman's Grave, and Batman and the Batmen of Batville. We also can't forget Batman and the Outsiders, a title also starring Black Lightning which Isabella has taken issue with in the past. Batman also stars as part of the cast of Justice League, and appears in several limited series such as Batman vs. Ra's Al Ghul, Batman: Curse of the White Knight, Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child, and Crisis of Infinite Batmans, as well as making guest appearances in various Bat-family titles and playing a role in Event Leviathan. So there may be something to Isabella's assertion that Batman is the center of the DC Universe.

What do you think? Is Isabella on the money? Are you tired of Batman as well? Was Isabella's facebook post worth a clickbait "news" article on a slow news Saturday? Don't answer that last one.

Tony Isabella Calls Batman Toxic, Says Character Ruins DC Comics

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