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Tony Isabella shares his thoughts on Jim Shooter
Tony Isabella is angry at Jim Shooter again, or perhaps more accurately, is angry at Jim Shooter still One of Isabella's fans brought up a long interview with Shooter in which Shooter made comments that Isabella disagrees with The famously outspoken Isabella took to his Facebook page to let the world know how he feels! Tony[...]
Tony Isabella and Trevor Von Eeden Black Lightning S3 Finale Cameos
Black Lightning was created by Tony Isabella with Trevor Von Eeden for DC Comics back in 1977 Of late, both have been critical of how DC Comics have handled the character and themselves They have both been much more complimentary of the television version. Now, in the finale of season three of Black Lightning, which has[...]
Black Lightning, Samurai In A Hoodie in The Daily LITG 17th May 2020
Yesterday that was all about Black Lightning and the reaction of Tony Isabella to how the character is currently being treated Welcome all, to the daily Lying In The Gutters a long-running run around the day before and the day ahead You can sign up to receive to as an e-mail here. Black Lighting and Samurai[...]
batman outsiders (5)
Tony Isabella is a longstanding comic book writer, editor and journalist, working in the comics industry since the seventies, including long stints at Marvel and DC Comics He may be best known for creating the Black Lightning character with Trevor Von Eeden. Tony Isabella Speaks Out About DC Comics' Treatment of Black Lightning Art from DC. But[...]
Tony Isabella Calls Batman Toxic, Says Character Ruins DC Comics
Black Lightning creator Tony Isabella isn't known for holding back his opinions, but his latest social media post about DC Comics is sure to spark some disagreements Isabella let his fans know not to invite him to join any Facebook groups or visit any pages that have anything to do with Batman According to Isabella,[...]
Black Lightning Creator Tony Isabella Not a Fan of New Batman and the Outsiders Series
Earlier this week, Black Lightning creator Tony Isabella took to Twitter to share some very unflattering comments about Batman and the Outsiders, the new series from Bryan Hill and Dexter Soy It seems that Isabella doesn't feel that Black Lightning is acting in character in the new series In particular, he doesn't feel that Black[...]
Black Lighting #1 Review: A Hero For Today's Non-Specific Headlines
Black Lightning is a great character, and Tony Isabella definitely understands him Jefferson even makes a lot of dad-puns in the form of teacher jokes, and that adds a nice bit of flavor to his character. Black Lightning #1 art by Clayton Henry and Pete Pantazis Clayton Henry's art is mostly quite good here, too It's eye-catching[...]
teespring godzilla
Comic book creator Tony Isabella recently purchased a Godzilla sweatshirt from TeeSpring, only to learn that it apparently featured artwork by Todd Tennant without permission or compensation. Earlier this week, Isabella was pleased with a Godzilla-themed holiday sweatshirt he purchased from an online tee store, TeeSpring He wrote, "THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY: Getting a jump on[...]
Black Lightning – Still Looking Good At 40
40 years ago this month saw the debut of Black Lightning by Tony Isabella and Trevor Von Eeden in his own comic. To give you a better idea of the mindset of DC at the time, they were seriously going to publish a character called Black Bomber, a white racists that became a black superhero when[...]
Tony Isabella To Write For DC Comics Again, After Black Lightning Deal
Tony Isabella created Black Lightning for DC Comics back in the day with Trevor Von Eeden, their first lead black superhero For decades, Tony has stated that he was hard done by, with the way DC Comics treated both Tony and Black Lightning. Recently, however, the news of an upcoming Black Lightning TV show seems to have[...]
This Week In DC Credits – Bill Finger And Tony Isabella
It began with Bill Finger's first proper published co-creator credit for Batman, on the Robot Chicken DC Special III… Which was followed up on Gotham… And in the comic books themselves, in Batman & Robin Eternal. Next up, the battle moves to Jerry Robinson. But in that first screen from Robot Chicken, there was also a change in the credits for[...]
Tony Isabella And DC Begin Reconciliation Over Black Lightning
Tony Isabella has had a fractious time with DC Comics over recent decades The creator of DC's first prominent African-American character, Black Lightning, Tony has felt betrayed by DC's handling of his contract since Whether writing in the trade press thirty years ago, or the more easily quotable blog of his of recent years[...]
Nineteen San Diego Comic Con Panels In Audio As Well As The Eisner Awards
On the panel was Heidi MacDonald (The Beat), Tony Isabella (Tony Isabella's Bloggy Thing), Alexa Dickman (Ladies Making Comics), Rich Johnston (Bleeding Cool) and Graeme McMillan (Many different sites). There was a very large audience and Tom joked about the panel being a pre-show for the next panel (Mega64: Decade of Perfection) which got the audience[...]
Black Lightning Or Black Lightening?
Tony Isabella posted; Yes, I have heard the news about Black Lightning.  You don't have to e-mail me, private message me, phone me, or post links on my Facebook page.  My only public comments to date have been "Words fail me" and, to my friend Dan Mishkin, "Forget it, Dan.  It's DC Town." But, really, if you've[...]