55 Trans Creative Teams, One Comic – 'We're Still Here' On Kickstarter, Raising $10,000 A Day So Far

When talking to a number of comic book creators in recent months I have asked about the increase in the visibility of trans culture today, but a lack of trans comic books or prominent books by trans creators right now. A common response I've received is that there simply isn't a large enough of a trans talent pool of comic book creators to pick from. Well, this might correct a few people on that score.

Three days ago, Tara Avery and Jeanne Thornton launched We're Still Here on Kickstarter, the first comic book anthology written, drawn, and edited entirely by transgender creators. It is currently well over its goal and just shy of $30,000 raised from 807 backers.

It contains 55 stories by 55 different trans creators or teams over 300 pages, telling stories that range from fiction to nonfiction, escapist fantasy to slice-of-life memoir, described as containing "the weird stuff, the stuff that goes to uncomfortable places, the stuff that highlights little-known kinks and contradictions in the trans experience, and most importantly, the stories about trans people having a good, maybe sad time". Announced creative teams are:

Joris Bas, We're Still Here Kickstarter

Robin Billadeau

Veronica Casson

Kai Egener

Mia Rose Elbo

Arnar Heiðmar and Phineas

E Hetrick Jackson

Sybil Lamb

J Pawlik

Hal Schrieve

Althea Solis

Margaret Trauth

With stories including:

  • An evening discussing the terrors of Donald Trump at a Japanese bar for trans men
  • A trans woman uses MDMA (with complex results)
  • A trans woman visits her grandmother for Christmas (with complex results)
  • Visual essay on sex work, trans masculinity, and testosterone
  • A practical guide to using paganism to navigate workplace terror
  • Trans women pilot giant robots with impeccable synch ratios
  • Toxic masculinity haunts a friendship between a butch lesbian and trans man
  • A devotional essay about angels beyond gender or understanding
  • Two trans women named Sweetness and Lightning blow up a car, watch Akira, and live happily ever after

The Kickstarter is right here.

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