Vampire Xander Harris Foretells the Future of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (#5 Spoilers)

In recent issues of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, rebooting the story in comic book form, still using the actor likenesses from the nineties TV series, with a few updated moden sensibilities, a rather dejected Xander Harris was turned by vampire misstress Drusilla, with a little help from Spike. And now needs Buffy The Vampire Slayer to save him. Though the vampire who now lives in his body seems to have different ideas. And it's all getting a little Crossed-like, but he does seem to see a future for Buffy and Sunnydale…


The Key, in the TV show, was Buffy's sister Dawn, as reality rewrote itself to include her in Buffy's life. In the Boom series, there has been no Dawn. Not yet. Is this the future that Xampire Harris as I insist on calling him sees? As well as the usual doom, gloom, hellfire and crucifixion?

(W) Jordie Bellaire (A) David Lopez (CA) Marc Aspinall
After the stunning events of Issue #4, the Scooby Gang tries to recover and deal with a new threat that's arising within the very halls of Sunnydale High itself.In Shops: Jun 05, 2019
SRP: $3.99

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