Wes Craig Launches Kaya at Image Comics This October

Wes Craig will launch a new "astonishing fantasy-adventure" comic at Image Comics this October. Kaya is described as "the story of siblings surviving in a world of monsters and mutants," which just so happens to be one of the Five Essential Comic Book Pitches Every Creator Needs If They Want to Land an Image Series About One of the Five Things Image Publishes Series About, along with "gods living in the world of humans," "music as a superpower," "dragon men with insatiable lust," and "the future, but it's bad." So you know this is going to be good!

The press release elaborates further:

Kaya is the story of siblings surviving in a world of monsters and mutants. After the destruction of their village, a young girl with a magic arm and a fighting spirit is tasked with delivering her little brother to a faraway safe haven. There, he's destined to discover the secret to overthrowing the all-powerful empire that destroyed their home.

First previewed in the Image! Anthology, this jam-packed series premiere features 31 gorgeous story pages, bonus material, and a Jack Kirby-inspired variant cover by Craig. This new series is a must-have for readers on the hunt for their next favorite read.

And Wes Craig said the following about it:

I'm putting every bit of heart, action, and fun that I can into each issue. Kaya, her brother Jin, and the strange world they live in are very real to me, and I think readers are gonna have a blast discovering it, month in, month out.

Kaya #1 will hit stores on Wednesday, October 5th, and will feature two covers:

Kaya #1 Cover A by Craig – Diamond Code AUG220055
Kaya #1 Cover B by Craig – Diamond Code AUG220056

Check out the covers and a preview of the comic below.


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