So Why Did Marvel Cancel The Vision, Then?

This week, Bleeding Cool broke the story that Marvel Comics had cancelled The Vision, the sequel series to the original Tom King, Gabriel Walta and Jordie Bellaire series that scooped up every award going.

Announced at San Diego Comic-Con, it would have been by husband-and-wife team Chelsea Cain and Marc Mohan (he got the gig as a first-time comics writer because he is married to Chelsea but no one seemed to mind about that) with artists Aud Koch and Jordie Bellaire.

And now it has been cancelled. Bleeding Cool reported it as issues regarding continuity and current Marvel plans for the characters. Chelsea Cain has expressed her significant annoyance at events. So what did people say about it in the past? And who is to blame?

Since the original series, Viv Vision has been appearing in The Champions, first written by Mark Waid and now Jim Zub, In that time she has become human, got an android evil twin sister and eventually merged with her. Things have happened with her. But the Vision sequel series was just that – a sequel. Intended to pick up after the last issue by King, Walta and Joelle. As Mark and Chelsea told CBR,

Mohan: Our book isn't meant to be quite as firmly entwined in current continuity, though certainly significant events from other books involving Viv and Vision will have an effect on our story. As far as the particular arc Vision is dealing with in Champions, that's Jim's story to tell.

Cain: We signed onto this gig two years ago. Turned in our first arc outline, turned in our first script, and waited… Obviously the MU hummed along, time passed, the Earth rotated around the sun a few times, and… here we are. Does our story work within continuity? Nope! You know why? Because all those other versions are actually Skrulls. I'm sorry you had to find out like this. Jim Zub's book? All Skrulls. Jim Zub? Also a Skrull.

Jim Zub posted on Tumblr back in July, regarding how the Champions impacts on the new Vision and Wasp series,

I've spoken to both Jeremy and Chelsea about their respective series to make sure we're not stepping on each other's toes in terms of upcoming stories.

But then in August,

I reached out via email and we bounced messages back and forth. The Vision mini-series she's writing with Marc Mohan directly picks up from the events of the original mini by Tom King and Gabriel Walta, sort of sitting alongside but also outside the ongoing continuity of the Marvel Universe.

They pitched their story two years ago and continuity has marched on since then, so it won't perfectly sync with what I'm doing in Champions, but that's okay. An entertaining story is an entertaining story and I'm excited to read what they're putting together.

And this seems to be the central issue. Marvel hummed and haahed over the Vision sequel series and now it would be so out of kilter with what Marvel have done with the character in Champions, that it couldn't run alongside, it couldn't be set in the past as events in the sequel series would conflict with what did happen in the Champions and people like me would point out the difference.

It doesn't explain why the comic couldn't be published out of continuity. On a different timeline, a different track. As an original graphic novel – there's only two issues left to draw. And Marvel has been keen to point out that they have no problem with the work per se.

So it remains a mystery. Until we see what actual plans Marvel Comics has for Vision and Viv…

Here's what would have been…

When the Vision decided to try to live a "normal" life, he built a wife, a son and a daughter – a family – only to watch it nearly all crumble. Now all that's left is Viv, his learning-to-be-rebellious daughter, and Sparky, the family robo-dog. But what does it mean for an artificial intelligence to rebel? And can a synthezoid father handle single parenthood? The married writing team of Chelsea Cain (Mockingbird) and Marc Mohan joins rising star artist Aud Koch for a new take on the Vision family that will once again have everyone talking!  Rated T+In Shops: Nov 07, 2018 SRP: $3.99

So Why Did Marvel Cancel The Vision, Then?So Why Did Marvel Cancel The Vision, Then?So Why Did Marvel Cancel The Vision, Then?



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