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WandaVision Creators Address Vision, Strange, Darcy Finale Questions
After Vision was destroyed by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, we were genuinely thrilled to see the character return for WandaVision However, by the time the series came to a head, we learned that Vision (played by Paul Bettany) was merely a construct of his former self through the Mind Stone and Wanda Still, there was[...]
First Appearance Of The Viison, Avengers #67. At Auction
Created as a weapon of Ultron to attack the Avengers, The Vision turned on his master and became integral in the Avengers' battle against Ultron in 1968's The Avengers #57, before joining the team as a fully-fledged member, the first artificial creation to have that honour A regular member of the Avengers ever since, including[...]
Vision Receives New Marvel Comics Diamond Select Toys Figure
Vision is ready to join the fight as well s your Marvel Select collection with an impressive new 7-inch figure Like usual, he will feature 16 points of articulation and will come in the famous Marvel Select blister packaging It is unclear what Diamond Select Toys will be including with the figure, but it does[...]
Who Needs Rainforests When You Can Have Sweet Vision NFTs?
Others feel like it would be pretty cool to use blockchain to own pointless digital reproductions of Vision comic book covers with no intrinsic value Which of these two opposing camps will win the debate with the fate of the planet at stake? Perhaps this press release from Marvel announcing Vision NFTs can help answer[...]
Scarlet Witch and Vision Bears Arrive at The Build-A-Bear Workshop
Coming out of the hit Disney+ series, WandaVision, two of your favorite Avengers are back and in adorable bear form Build-A-Bear Workshop has revealed two Online Exclusive plush bears are available right now with Scarlet Witch and Vision Both bears showcase their classic costumes, as seen in the Halloween episode Marvel fans will not want[...]
X-Men The Trial Of Magneto #3 Review: Trying Your Patience
This is further complicated by Magneto skipping the line for the resurrection queue and bringing back a version of Wanda from back when she was married to the Vision before she had kids and wildly uninformed about many things. If you've read this far, you might be saying, "that all sounds patently ridiculous." While you'd be[...]
Iron Studios Announces New WandaVision Statue with Halloween Vision
Vision is back as Iron Studios takes us back to Westview, New Jersey, to celebrate Halloween with a brand new MCU statue Coming out of the hit Disney+ series, WandaVision, everyone's favorite synthetic android, is back as he pays homage to his early Marvel Comics debut The Halloween episode of WandaVision was a blast, and[...]
Doctor Strange 2: Elizabeth Olsen Offers Blunt Tease on Film
So considering just how successful the series was for Disney Plus (though you know how streamers can be weird with giving out full viewer data) and the addiction the television industry has for more and more of what works, it's understandable why viewers would be asking if another season of the Paul Bettany and Elizabeth[...]
WandaVision Did What Falcon and Winter Soldier Couldn’t [OPINION]
With Disney+ wrapping its first two Marvel television series in WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, both provided their own creative distinctiveness from feeling like the typical origins stories many Marvel Cinematic Universe films fell under Both had their similarities when their tones are distinctively different I'll break down what felt fresh about[...]
Let's Take A Look AT Disney's Toybox WandaVision Figures
WandaVision ended a few weeks ago now; how crazy is that? As we all still continue talking about it, the products from the show are starting to trickle out Most importantly for us, collectors would be the various figure releases so we can add Wanda, Vision, and more from the show to our MCU displays[...]
New Marvel ToyBox Figures Arrive From Disney With Carnage and More
This time new heroes and villains arise, starting with everyone's favorite Marvel power couple, Scarlet Witch and The Vision Both Avengers features a costume design that seems to fuse both MCU and comic book designs No accessories are included, but they will be a fun couple to pose and have them take on the forces[...]
Captain America NES Game With White Vision, On Auction At Heritage
Check out the gorgeous box art, also featuring White Vision of WandaVision fame, down below. Captain America NES Game Graded Credit Heritage Auctions That Captain America Box Is So 90's It Hurts "Captain America and The Avengers – Wata 9.4 A Sealed [Oval SOQ R], NES Data East 1991 USA. Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Vision on the[...]
Vision Goes Life-Size With New Infinity War Bust From Queen Studios
The Vision made his big return in WandaVision, but his death in Avengers: Infinity War was a big deal and premise of the recent series Queen Studios has announced their newest life-size replica bust that captures Vision from Infinity War Standing 26" tall, this living android is back from the dead with extreme amounts of[...]
It’s Clobberin' Time With New Marvel Statues From Diamond Select
There are three new statues coming to collectors, starting with a new 10.5 inches tall Vision statue that captures his classic costume from the comics He is placed in an action-packed dynamic pose that is loaded with detail that will even be appealing to WandaVision fans Up next, we are getting a new limited edition[...]
the falcon and the winter soldier
In the first clip, WandaVision stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany offer kind words from one "power couple" to another- though Bettany has some urgent concerns about that finale Following that, Loki stars Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson also check in- though it becomes pretty clear that the duo isn't exactly "power equal" (you would've[...]
WandaVisions Takeaways from Series Director Matt Shakman
WandaVision director Matt Shakman did a zoom chat on Friday with over 100 people attending These were not members of the general public but writers, novelists, artists, actors, comics creators, and journalists attending It was part of the "Yale in Hollywood" series, and Shakman, chat host Aman Chaudary and many of the attendees were all[...]
WandaVision Creators Address Vision, Strange, Darcy Finale Questions
It seems "The Series Finale" of WandaVision left some serious loose ends Director Matt Shakman, creator and showrunner Jac Schaeffer, and co-executive producer Mary Livanos provided as much as they could to TVLine given the current Marvel Cinematic Universe context allowed What we know for sure for the time being is that Elizabeth Olsen's [...]
New WandaVision March Arrives Capturing the Series Finale
Sadly, WandaVision has come to a close as the series premiered its season finale on Disney+ last week However, fans can keep the love for the show going with some new merchandise and collectibles inspired by the series finale Kicking things off first is a huge variety of shirts from shopDisney that are perfect for[...]
The Vision Searches For Truth With New Hot Toys WandaVision Figure
WandaVision brought back the Vision to fans since his demise back in Avengers: Infinity War Questions were asked, and we got all our answers as the series made its dermic end last week Hot Toys is not done with the series yet as they announce new amazing 1:6 scale figures from the hit Marvel Studios[...]
As many of you know, before he was altering reality with Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen in WandaVision, director Matt Shakman was putting Glenn Howerton (Dennis), Kaitlin Olson (Dee), Rob McElhenney (Mac), Charlie Day (Charlie), and Danny DeVito (Frank) through their paces for ten years and 43 episodes of FXX and FX on Hulu's It's Always[...]
New WandaVision Hot Toys Cosbaby’s Come Exclusively to shopDisney
Hot Toys is back with two new Cosbaby figures from the hit television series WandaVision Both of these figures are based on the series finale of the first-ever MCU television series, and they are packed with detail Both figures will come in a windowed box, will come with a display base, and will be too[...]
WandaVision Review: Sugar, Spice, and Everything That Sufficed
Wrapping up presumably the "final" episode of WandaVision, there are significant developments going forward concerning the major characters involved including Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen), Vision (Paul Bettany), and Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris), and the Marvel Cinematic Universe's future Here are my five questions and observations gave the climactic events This is your "MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!" sign[...]
The Avengers #57 (Marvel, 1968), first appearance of The Vision, cover by John Buscema.
The rise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has resurrected countless vintage Marvel Comics back issues and made them relevant to new generations of collectors.  Examples like Tales to Astonish #13 (first appearance of Groot), Marvel Super-Heroes #13 (first appearance of Carol Danvers), Fantastic Four #52 (first appearance of Black Panther), and countless other vintage Marvel[...]
Darcy Lewis) to chill on spoilers for a little while longer, it's no mystery that Disney+ and Marvel Studios' Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany-starring WandaVision not only celebrated but deconstructed the sitcom format And then there are the sitcom pedigrees of those on the show, including director Matt Shakman's 43 episodes on It's Always Sunny[...]
WandaVision Characters We Want To See As Funko Pops (SPOILERS)
With only hours to go until the Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany-starring WandaVision wraps up its reality-altering run in a way we're sure will get people talking, Disney+ and Marvel Studios have asked Randall Park (Agent Jimmy Woo) and Kat Dennings (Dr Darcy Lewis) to take on a very important mission In the following clip,[...]
With the Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany-starring WandaVision wrapping up its reality-altering run this week in a way we're sure will get people talking, Disney+ and Marvel Studios are giving viewers a chance to breathe and learn how it all came together before The Falcon and the Winter Soldier kicks off Premiering March 12, Marvel[...]
We've survived to another Monday, which means it's time for Disney+ and Marvel Studios' WandaVision to select the next "honoree" to receive a character profile key art poster (sounds like the proper title for them) Except for this time, it comes with a clip from Marvel riding shotgun- one that requires us to turn on[...]
Since it's only been about 48 hours or so since the latest episode of Disney+ and Marvel Studios' WandaVision hit everyone's streaming screens, we're going to be kind when it comes to spoilers so consider this the moment we turned on the "MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!" sign Because as much as we want to dislocate our[...]
Marvel Sends Graphic Novels Back To Print Because Of WandaVision
Marvel Comics has been in receipt of plenty of sales based on the success of TV show Wandavision And whether or not the following comic books have anything to do with Wandavision, they have sold out and are going back to a new printing from Marvel. Vision: The Complete Collection, collecting the Vision-makes-a-suburban-home story, as well[...]