X-Men's Sheriff Gia Whitechapel, Shares Name With Adult Performer

We noted her mention in a previous text piece, and suggested that Sheriff Gia Whitechapel of the Blightspoke domain in Otherworld might be a bit of a Warren Ellis character. But we did not know just how far that might go. This is what we were previously told in Marauders #13.

A celestial graveyard of failed realities, Blightspoke serves a necessary function — a home for things that are a threat to anywhere else. From half-baked singularities to the shattered bones of gods, Blightspoke teems with the dangerous trash of every reality: irradiated land, castles burned by dragonfire, things with deadly, contagious, infectious half-lives.

Blightspoke is an impenetrable death trap due to the many dangers contained in the collapsed realities. If the dangers of Blightspoke could be mitigated, the Crooked Market would be the immediate beneficiary.

There's only one real face with a name in all of the Blighspoke, and it's not a friendly face. It's said if you see footprints in the dark sand blistering your feet, they belong to sheriff Gia Whitechapel and her posse. If the enormous mining machines that rip the guts of Blightspoke apart cannot fetch your desire, the Sheriff and her posse can lead you there — or die trying. Don't try to raise your head across the desert without her — her long rifle sight can see anything, anywhere in the Blightspoke, and it's likely she can hit it, too.

And now we get to meet her.

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But there is an issue with Gia Whitechapel. If you google her name, you get the visual and video work of an adult performer of the same name, Gia Whitechapel, who specialises in what are euphemistically described as "watersports". Did Marvel/Disney not do their usual duty by googling first? Or maybe they did but had SafeSearch still on? Still, it never did Iron Heart any harm.

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