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Decorum Will Return... In The Womanly Art Of Empire
Today's sees the monstrous-sized and rather delayed final issue #8 of Decorum by Jonathan Hickman and Mike Huddleston Issue 6 was published in December, #7 in March and #8 today But while it is solicited as a series finale, for those who have fallen in love with this world, even as you teeter on the[...]
Stephen Green Joins Three Worlds Three Moons Substack Comics
Stephen Green, co-creators of Sea Of Stars and artist on Hellboy And The BPRD: 1954 The Black Sun and Lobster Johnson: Garden Of Bones, is joining Mike del Mundo, Jonathan Hickman, and Mike Huddleston's Three Worlds Three Moons shared universe comic book project being serialised (slowly) on Substack. You've gotten some great [PROCESS] posts from Mike[...]
God Is Dead: Book Of Acts 14/150 By Jonathan Hickman, Alan Moore At Auction
God Is Dead is a comic book series created by Jonathan Hickman and written by Mike Costa (and friends) and published by Avatar Press It deals with ancient gods and goddesses from mythologies around the world coming to Earth to lay claim to the world of man, while a group of people named the Collective[...]
Marvel Comics X-Men Wolverine Marauders Inferno Krakoa
Which isn't dodgy at all. Inferno #2 So… anyone got a match? INFERNO #2 (OF 4) MARVEL COMICS AUG211082 (W) Jonathan Hickman (A) Stefano Caselli (CA) Jerome Opena FEEL THE FIRE! Secrets Lies They have a way of coming out and biting you when you least expect them The secrets and lies of Krakoa will shake it to it foundation[...]
Read Last Week's X-Force Before This Week's Inferno (Spoilers)
Because, while Jonathan Hickman's X-Men titles can often be read totally independently without relying on the spinoff books, that may suddenly no longer be the case You will certainly get a different vibe from the final page of Inferno #2 if you have kept up. X-Force #24 Because X-Force #24 revealed that Colossus was being influenced by[...]
Jonathan Hickman Has Finished Writing The Black Monday Murders
The Black Monday Murders was a comic book series by Jonathan Hickman and Tomm Coker published by Image Comics in August 2016 The first four issues were published monthly, but with a gap between the fourth issue in 2016 and the fifth in April 2017 Two more issues were published in June and September, but[...]
Jonathan Hickman Working With Chris Bachalo On A New Comic For Marvel
Jonathan Hickman may be leaving the showrunner position at Marvel's X-Men books, but his exclusive contract will see him working on the major books at Marvel, helping to lift their profiles and creative drive And one of them we know, as a result of the live design of a new 3W3M character by Mike Huddlestone,[...]
Jason Howard To Draw Jonathan Hickman's Duels
On his most recent Substack, Jonathan Hickman announced that Jason Howard would be drawing for the upcoming Duels series, part of the Three Worlds Three Moons 3W3M universe that Hickman is creating on Substack with Mike Del Mundo and Mike Huddlestone, as well as guest-writers Al Ewing and Ram V. Jason Howard To Draw Jonathan Hickman's[...]
Jonathan Hickman's Departure From X-Men, Explained
As part of AIPT's regular X-Men Monday, X-Men group editor Jordan D White, who I first met as a Marvel intern at Heidi MacDonald's karaoke evening one cold New York Comic Con, has been laying out just what the hell happened with Jonathan Hickman Who, with Inferno, is stepping away from the X-Men books he[...]
Rewriting Moira MacTaggert's Third Life In Inferno #1 (Spoilers)
Today sees the publication of Inferno #1 by Jonathan Hickman, Valerio Schiti, and David Curiel But you may be forgiven for thinking it is drawn by Pepe Larraz Because Valerio explicitly redraws Pepe Larraz's scenes from House Of X #2 – and Curiel matches Marte Gracia's colours, as we saw Mystique and Destiny's confrontation with[...]
A Rogue-Less X-Men: Inferno From Jonathan Hickman?
This week sees the publication of Inferno #1 by Jonathan Hickman and Valerio Schiti In which Mystique is looking to burn Krakoa to the ground after they declined to resurrect her wife Destiny But with all that going down, you might have thought that Mystique's daughter Rogue and current member of the main X-Men team[...]
Jonathan Hickman, Declan Shalvey Launch X-Men Unlimited Today
And that includes a bunch of new titles including the new X-Men Unlimited weekly comic by Jonathan Hickman and Declan Shalvey The first issue has dropped today for free, with Wolverine going after AIM and getting rather scorched in the process, the second is available straight away for Marvel Unlimited subscribers And they promise it[...]
Marvel Comics Launches Anothr 7 Titles - Including Jeff The Shark
The comics are  100% created by the editors and creators who also create the print books Marvel is launching with the following seven Infinity Comics series available today, with plans for over a hundred issues by the end of the year, exclusive to Marvel Unlimited subscribers Jonathan Hickman and Declan Shalvey's X-Men Unlimited Weekly #1 and[...]
Jonathan Hickman & Declan Shalvey's Marvel Unlimited Exclusive X-Book
Jonathan Hickman has been talking on Substack about bringing back the art of surprise to comic books.  How if he had his way, he'd have no previews, no advance reviews, no solicitations, he would just drop the books – and has done on now on Substack He also talked about his plans to do something[...]
Grant Morrison Reveals Novel & TV Plans To Jonathan Hickman
It's Grant Morrison time! Tonight as part of a reward for the first 500 subscribers to Jonathan Hickman, Mike Del Mundo, and Mike Huddlestone's 3W3M Substack, and for all Founder Level subscribers, Jonathan Hickman conducted an interview with Grant Morrison streamed live Sadly, I was out at the theatre seeing a brand new play, Leopards[...]