SEGA Reveals New Multiplayer Shooter Title Called Hyenas

SEGA and Creative Assembly have revealed a brand new video game this week as we're getting a fresh multiplayer shooter called Hyenas. The company is calling this "an ambitious multi-platform challenger in the shooter space", as they are trying to put their own spin on the genre with beautiful animations, a variety of characters and weapons that fit a multitude of playstyles, and incorporating a lot of sci-fi elements (like fighting in Zero-G) that will keep you on your toes. The game looks gorgeous from the getgo, but let's be real for a moment, that's just the announcement trailer. We have yet to see any gameplay. Which they're going to take care of soon as you can currently go sign up for the closed alpha test on PC at the link above. For now, here's more on the game and the trailer.

SEGA Reveals New Multiplayer Shooter Title Called Hyenas
Credit: SEGA

In Hyenas, the world is broken… literally. The billionaires have finally made it to Mars, leaving Earth and those tax bills far behind. The zero-gravity tech that powered their journey has shattered our planet, abandoning us in a drifting slum called the 'Taint'.. The only thing the rich care for is rare Merch, pop culture swag from the lives we left behind, which they loot from the rubble to furnish their Martian mansions. Time for us to steal it back. Lumbering spaceship shopping malls, known as Plunderships, are plump with nostalgic booty stolen from Earth's remains and packed with the sort of hired thugs, alarm systems and armed drones only the hyper-rich can afford. Assemble your crew of Hyenas from a ragtag cast of uniquely skilled and armed criminal misfits to get in, get the Merch and get the hell out.

It's space piracy smash and grab, with your team of three fighting against four other crews to nab the spiciest haul and grab the getaway. You'll need both guns and guile; each Plundership is a sandbox playground of interlocking systems creating endless opportunities for slick teams to exploit the environment, security networks, hired goons and competing crews to gain an edge.  And when it all kicks off, blisteringly quick movement and lethal combat combine in hazardous, and often switchable, zero-G zones, providing dramatic opportunities for you to master your environment to trap and eliminate other crews.

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