Chris Evans Muses On What He Wants For Captain America When He Leaves The Role And The End Of His Contract


The talk of Chris Evans leaving the Captain America mantle has been circulating for a little while. There have been quotes from Evans on the subject, but understandably, he's never talked about it too directly.

I decided, instead of asking him directly about leaving the part, what he would want to see once he does end up leaving the role. He seems to be fine with the idea of rejuvenation, and possibly others casting in his role, citing Bond specifically.

He said:

It's a good question. Obviously you want it to continue to do well. If it didn't do well, and kinda fizzled…I would hope the character is the kinda thing that continues to be reincarnated forever. I think it's James Bond-y, hopefully, because it is a great story and it's a great character, and Marvel I don't think is going away anytime soon. It's nice to just be on the ground level for that chapter in the book.

There is another quote in here too that is…interesting. When asked simply whether he liked Captain America: Civil War or not, Evans had this to say:

It's great. I actually usually struggle to sit through premieres, but I sat through this one. It's a stressful thing for me usually, but It was great. It was fun to see the audience react. Maybe it's because I am coming close to the end of the contract, you're kinda like, well, lets enjoy this a little. 

That last line could mean a lot of things, and I wouldn't want to infer this is any kind of confirmation that Evans is definitely leaving after his contract is up, but it at least suggests some kind of uncertainty and finality. We'll have to watch that space.

Captain America: Civil War releases in cinemas Friday April 29.