The 'Deadpool' For Your Consideration Video Is The Breath Of Fresh Air The Awards Season Needs


The awards season has a reputation for being stuck up and so pretentious that there is an entire genre of film dedicated to winning pretty golden statues. That is one of the reasons that the a lot of people are loving the awards consideration that Deadpool is getting; it's about as far removed from Oscar Bait as you can get. While the top awards are likely going to go to movies that deserve it (Moonlight) and movies that just know what buttons to push (La La Land) the mere fact that Deadpool could be up for any awards is fantastic in the best possible ways.

It's not surprising that this 'for your consideration' video, tweeted out by star Ryan Reynolds, is hilarious and makes fun of the Academy while also appealing to them. Deadpool is an underdog that went through hell to get made and was a box office and critical smash. It's the opposite of anything that usually gets nominated but the world is moving in a different direction as genre films get more and more recognized as the art they are. Reynolds has already said that the upcoming Logan is Oscar material but seeing Deadpool on the ballot for something other than just technical awards is further proof that we will see a comic book movie win best picture in our lifetime.

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