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Red Notice Full Trailer Put Out By Netflix, And Boy Will It Be Fun
The streamer is planning to film two sequels to the 2021 hit back to back, with the main cast of Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot all returning, along with director Rawson Marshall Thurber Deadline broke the news of the plan, with them hoping to get the shoot prepared to start early in 2023[...]
Netflix Shares a First Look At The New Spy Thriller Red Notice
Rawson Marshall Thurber found himself fortunate to be working with three box office powerhouses in stars Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot, and Dwayne Johnson for the Netflix action-adventure comedy Red Notice To say it was a bumpy ride, to say the least, not only as far as capturing the action sequences but also the pandemic affected[...]
Red Notice Full Trailer Put Out By Netflix, And Boy Will It Be Fun
Red Notice is one of the most anticipated films of the fall, starring Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds Johnson stars as an FBI agent trying to track down two of the world's top art thieves, Gadot and Reynolds As you can imagine, with these three, the action will have a healthy dose of humor injected into[...]
Spirited Star Ryan Reynolds Announces Sabbatical from Films
In this case, Spirited star Ryan Reynolds is looking to take a break from filmmaking, taking to his Instagram while thanking cast and crew for his latest AppleTV+ project in a still alongside co-star Will Ferrell, who plays Ghost of Christmas Present. Rayn Reynolds and Will Ferrell in Spirited Image courtesy of Claire Folger / AppleTV+ Spirited[...]
Red Notice Teaser Trailer Is Here, Out On Netflix November 11th
Red Notice is one of the most anticipated films of the fall, starring Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds Johnson stars as an FBI agent trying to track down two of the world's top art thieves, Gadot and Reynolds As you can imagine, with these three, the action will have a healthy dose of[...]
Jeopardy!: Ryan Reynolds Nudges Sony to Realize LeVar Burton's Dream Image: Shutterstock.com Now here's a look at the five articles that nearly made the cut, in no particular order- The Orville & Star Trek: The Next Generation have an unexpected "crossover", Supergirl finale sees Mehcad Brooks return as James Olsen, a Pokemon question to answer, AEW/WWE ratings,[...]
Jeopardy! Host LeVar Burton Part of History in Contestant Futility
If there's anyone out there who can testify about realizing one's dreams and second chances, it's actor Ryan Reynolds The Deadpool star took to Twitter in an about as nuanced way as possible about Sony's Jeopardy hosting situation referencing how he made his dream a reality from his failed turn in 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine[...]
Free Guy Star Ryan Reynolds Talks Making a Movie Based on Original IP
That is a risk, though, and it was one that star Ryan Reynolds was very aware of when he was asked about greenlighting a movie based on original IP in the current market. "Well, I read the script," the Free Guy star explained "Shawn [Levy] and I had met about another; we had a couple of close[...]
Xbox & Ryan Reynolds Announce First-Ever NPC Awards
In what is clearly a movie promotion, Xbox and Ryan Reynolds decided to honor the unsung heroes of video games with new awards With the movie Free Guy on the way, they've decided to do a little cross-promotion by holding an online vote for who you think is the best NPC (All of them from[...]
Free Guy: Deadpool and Korg “React” to Trailer in MCU Crossover
As development is still underway for the third film, actor Ryan Reynolds has been playing nice when he can with The Mouse It seems he was finally afforded some creative autonomy into the MCU, promising his latest film Free Guy, one of the studio's final projects retained over in the purchase The actor devised a[...]
On Tuesday, FX Networks announced that a two-season order has been given for the FX docuseries Welcome to Wrexham, a docuseries shining a spotlight on the tiny Welsh football (soccer) club that quickly caught the world's attention off the field when it was purchased by Rob McElhenney (Mythic Quest) and Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool). Image: Screencap Produced by McElhenney,[...]
mythic quest
Second, we learn more about McElhenney's blossoming "bromance" with his newest, bestest bud Ryan Reynolds (Van Wilder, Smokin' Aces)- and how all it took was a little sliding into the DMs. Image: Screencap Here's a look at McElhenney's appearance from last night, where he does a shot of tequila with Kimmel and Guillermo- before being contractually obligated[...]
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. Image courtesy of 20th Century Studiosv
If there was one positive that came out of the 2009 maligned film X-Men Origins: Wolverine was the blossoming friendship between its stars Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds With 2014's X-Men: Days of Future Past resetting the Fox Cinematic Universe, another door opened up on rebooting Reynolds' character Deadpool, which he played in the 2009[...]
Mortal Kombat: A New Poster and 8 New High-Quality Images
There was one reveal set up for a likely sequel at the end that likely brought some joy and having some hoping that fast-talking Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds would step in This is your major spoiler warning for the film. Copyright: © 2021 Warner Bros Entertainment Inc All Rights Reserved Photo Credit: Courtesy Warner Bros[...]
LeVar Burton Shills Ryan Reynolds’ Gin After Jeopardy! Endorsement
Not far after the announcement that Internet fan favorite LeVar Burton won over Sony for a spot to guest host Jeopardy! in season 37, actor Ryan Reynolds went even further pitching the Star Trek: The Next Generation star to be the game show's next permanent host "This needs to be a permanent gig," the Deadpool[...]