Richard Kelly's Donnie Darko Could Have Another Story to Tell

If you told me that there was an interest in continuing the exploration of the cult classic film Donnie Darko, I would probably have assumed you were lying — but 2021 is turning out to be the year for writer and director Richard Kelly.

The 2001 sci-fi thriller film found a niche film-buff audience for its strikingly unique vision and performance by Jake Gyllenhal. Playing a teenager who is constantly experiencing visions, Gylenhall's character comes face to face with a man in a rabbit suit connected to saving the universe. The film plays with different themes (like most of Kelly's projects) and has found an unwavering audience coming up on two decades.

With Kelly finally beginning to discuss the possibilities of his properties like Southland Tales, he also opened up in an interview about the chance of getting more Donnie Darko. The mastermind behind the projects tells Comingsoon, "Well, I'm probably not allowed to say anything more than there has been an enormous amount of work completed." Kelly continues, "I'm hopeful that we might get to explore that world in a very big and exciting way. But we'll see what happens. But there has been a lot of work done. A lot of work has been done."

Richard Kelly's Donnie Darko Could Have Another Story to Tell
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As mentioned above, Kelly has also suggested he's interested in concluding the polarizing but completely essential film Southland Tales. So it only makes sense that he's contemplating bringing his ideal sense of closure to these elaborate cinematic worlds. Both Donnie Darko and Southland Tales are prime examples of a film's ability to have a life that extends outside of box office profit (looking at you 2020), with Donnie Darko earning under $8 million, and Southland Tales relying primarily on DVD sales with a notable $17 million price tag. 

Regardless of how the general public responds to Kelly's films, the admirable mastermind has truly crafted some of the most thought-provoking films of the '00s, so hopefully, he receives the opportunity he deserves to bring things full-circle. 

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