Eva Marie Is Done With WWE, But She's Not "Done" With WWE

Eva Marie Is Done With WWE, But She's Not "Done" With WWE

Bleeding Cool has long followed the strange saga of WWE pro wrestler and Total Divas star Eva Marie. Suspended from WWE mid-push last year for violating the company's drug-testing Wellness Policy, rather than capitulate to WWE's demands, Eva Marie, now calling herself Natalie Eva Marie, moved on to acting, starring in the new film Inconceivable with Nicholas Cage, in theaters this weekend. Eva Marie won't be on the cast of the next season of Total Divas, and doesn't look to be returning to the ring any time soon. But according to an interview on the Wrestling Observer Live podcast, she's not done with WWE, at least not forever.

I love WWE. So, I mean, are you gonna see me on TV as of late? Not so much. But will I possibly show up at some random Monday Night Raw, Smackdown Live, and go snatch that title? You never know. I am "Miss All Red Everything," so anything is possible, but for the time being, I definitely have some projects coming up that don't allow me to be on the road as much as you need to be when you are a full-time WWE talent. So, in that aspect, I have this project and then another one's coming out, so it's pretty much occupying all of my time right now. But never say never.

As to how Eva Marie was able to ditch WWE and make it on her own, it's all about finding the right management team. Specifically, the management team of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson:

I'm super grateful and it's really kind of a crazy whirlwind and happened so fast. Within a year of being in WWE, my husband and I were like, you know, if I could get in front of The Rock's agent and manager and get his team, that would be phenomenal, because clearly he has made the transition from WWE into major superstar in the Hollywood life. He is like, the guy. The number one guy.

Nobody tell Roman Reigns.

So within a year, I ended up sitting down with his agent, had an awesome meeting, then say down with his manager, had another great meeting, and then had about an hour conversation with Dwayne, and then everybody signed off on me and I ended up getting the same team as himself. And then I got sent Inconceivable's script, and so I had to go in for an audition. My first audition, I had Eve Marie All Red Everything hair, so the second one, I went in and I made sure I spray painted my hair black. One of my best friends does my hair, so it worked out fantastic. You can see the transition on my YouTube channel too of how he did that temporarily. So I went in with black hair and nailed that meeting and now we're here, and now the movie's coming out.

WWE's loss is Hollywood's gain, but maybe we'll see Eva Marie return to the ring at some point in the future. Just probably not any time soon.

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