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'Thanksgiving': Our Now Yearly Plead For Eli Roth to Make The FIlm

'Thanksgiving': Our Now Annual Plead For Eli Roth to Make The Film

They even had not only old school refreshment ads and such, but other directors created trailers for fake films to show before and in-between the main features. Rodriguez did one for Machete, which became a feature film with a sequel. Edgar Wright made one called Don’t, a send up of the Hammer House of Horror style, and Rob Zombie did one for Werewolf Women of[...]

Lovecraft Trilogy of Films Coming From SpectreVision, "Dunwich Horror" Up Next

Lovecraft Trilogy of Films Coming From SpectreVision, Hopefully

There was a version released in 1970 featuring Ed Begley, and another in 2009 starring Jeffery Combs, along with numerous radio dramas and stage plays.Color Out of Space Nicholas Cage, Joely Richardson, Brendan Meyer, Q'orianka Kilcher, and Tommy Chong opens on January 24. Lovecraft fans have a lot to smile about always, and now it[...]

Let's Take a Look at Shout Factory's Valley Girl Blu-ray Release

When you are constantly compared to films like Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Say Anything, Breakfast Club, and many others, you tend to forget how well-done the relationship between Julie (Deborah Foreman) and Randy (Nicholas Cage)is, and what it has to say about the multitude of pressures teenage girls face It feels timeless to watch[...]

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Eva Marie Is Done With WWE, But She's Not "Done" With WWE

Suspended from WWE mid-push last year for violating the company's drug-testing Wellness Policy, rather than capitulate to WWE's demands, Eva Marie, now calling herself Natalie Eva Marie, moved on to acting, starring in the new film Inconceivable with Nicholas Cage, in theaters this weekend Eva Marie won't be on the cast of the next season[...]

Has Wrestling And Total Divas Star Eva Marie Left WWE?

Instead of laying low until WWE brought her back, Eva Marie instead took a job starring in a movie with Nicholas Cage, something that the notoriously petty WWE would probably take offense to When the thirty days were up, Eva Marie didn't return to TV, and we haven't seen her since.So is Eva Maria done[...]

Everything Wrong With Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance

Debuting this weekend is their Everything Wrong With take on the second Nicholas Cage turn as Johnny Blaze.. Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance I never quite understood how you can have a movie with both Idris Elba and Ciaran Hind in it and it still be bad.[youtube][/youtube] Cinema Sins must be getting pretty far down[...]

Clip: Snow White Stewart And Evil Charlize Theron Face Off

I can't see this MTV clip where I am, so I've just had to imagine what it's like. And I'm imaging this particular face off was just like the one John Travolta and Nicolas Cage had. Which is to say, Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron have swapped faces and are leaping through the air in […]

Monsters Galore in New Promo for Dreamworks' The Croods

There's an awful lot of monsters in this second look at The Croods, a onetime Aardman project that defected to Dreamworks. Okay, maybe not monsters. Animals. But real beasts. Nic Cage, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds are amongst the voice cast. Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders are directing. Thanks to Animatie for this good […]

SCOOP: Charlie Sheen's Copy Of Action Comics #1 Is A Winner

 The hobby had seen Nicholas Cage sell an Action #1 and the rest of his world-class comic book collection just a couple years earlier, so the idea that Charlie had owned and was selling a copy seemed almost unremarkable at the time.But this is actually a remarkable copy of the book: a very pretty example[...]