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Eva Marie announced she will make her return to WWE soon in a teaser video on WWE Raw tonight.
A teaser announcing the return of Eva Marie aired on WWE Raw tonight Eva Marie was filmed writing around on the hood of a Ferrari, repeatedly asking, "do I have your attention now?" She said she's decided to come back to WWE and then the video told us that the "Eva-Lution" would be coming soon. [...]
Because U Demanded It - Eva Marie Returning to WWE
Good news for fans of former WWE Total Divas star Eva Marie; according to a report originating at Cultaholic and later confirmed by PWInsider, Eva Marie is returning to WWE, and she may appear tonight on Monday Night Raw Cultaholic first reported that Eva Marie was on her way back, and PWInsider confirmed she's in[...]
It's hard to decide which Total Divas, Paige or Eva Marie, produced the best off-screen drama in 2017, so we're glad to see that both of them shared top billing in the most-read wrestling post of the year This one focused mainly on the saga of Paige and her boyfriend, Albero El Patron, who spent[...]
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It may have seemed like the entire first half of the year was spent exploiting the drama of Eva Marie's employment status, but… no, actually, we did spend half the year doing that But what a half year of delicious Total Divas drama it was! You loved it so much, Eva Marie drama played a[...]
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So, it's no surprise that Total Divas-related posts dominated the wrestling scene on Bleeding Cool in 2017, taking 3 of the top 5 slots. But just like WWE's other televised wrestling shows, it was the drama behind the scenes that captivated audiences more than what was actually shown on screen, and the ongoing question of the[...]
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Former WWE Superstar Eva Marie has formally parted ways with WWE today. The Total Divas star's departure has been a forgone conclusion for months Eva Marie was suspended last year for violating the company's wellness policy, but rather than cower in the face of WWE's discipline, Marie dyed her trademark red hair black, took a role[...]
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Bleeding Cool has long followed the strange saga of WWE pro wrestler and Total Divas star Eva Marie Suspended from WWE mid-push last year for violating the company's drug-testing Wellness Policy, rather than capitulate to WWE's demands, Eva Marie, now calling herself Natalie Eva Marie, moved on to acting, starring in the new film Inconceivable with[...]
Is WWE Smackdown Live Planning A Women's Ladder Match For Money In The Bank?
Pro Wrestling Sheet has the gossip, saying WWE plans to hold two Money in the Bank matches at the Money in the Bank PPV, with the winners of each getting a guaranteed shot at the WWE Championship or Smackdown Live Women's Championship, respectively. Smackdown Live currently has nine women on the Smackdown Live roster: Naomi (the[...]
Total Divas Is Back, So Is Eva Marie Done With WWE Or Not?
For the past few months, Bleeding Cool has been following the status of WWE superstar Eva Marie Back in February, Eva Marie deleted references to WWE from her social media accounts, igniting speculation that she was done with the company One of the stars of WWE's Total Divas reality show, Eva Marie had a reputation with[...]