Lies, Secrets And Ghost Rider – The Agents of SHIELD Winter Finale

This article will contains spoilers for Marvel's Agents of SHIELD episode – The Laws of Inferno Dynamics.







Last night, the eight episode of the season for Marvel's Agents of SHIELD brought the Ghost Rider story to an end… or so it seems… and set up the next story arc for the season. Its as if Marvel is looking at the season as a series of story arcs instead of one 22-episode season.

The episode last night, also the mid-season finale, moved a lot of pieces around. Let's look at the wrap up of the Ghost Rider story first. Eli Morrow set himself up in a building protected by they gang that shot up Robbie Reyes and Gabe. Director Jeff Mace is reluctant to bring in Daisy Johnson and Robbie because of their fugitive status. But Phil Coulson believes they need their big guns and none are bigger than Quake, Ghost Rider and Yo-Yo. Mace also wants Aida brought in. Coulson has to tell him that Aida is an android. Which disturbs Mace on two levels… because that is against the Skovia Accords, and he found Aida attractive. Mace approves doing it Coulson's way even with Aida.

The media is swarming the parameter, but they get the team in quietly. Yo-Yo tries to do recon but sets off a fire trap that wounds her. Robbie goes in anyway. He confronts Eli and ends up skewered on a carbon spike inside a box that holds basically a really big bomb. He's proud that he can create things out of nothing. This bothers Leo Fitz to the point of distraction until he figures out that Eli isn't creating, he's stealing. This helps Coulson come up with a plan… which involves him walking into the building unarmed but for a length of chain.

He distracts Eli while Aida, Fitz, Jemma Simmons and Holden Radcliffe work with Quake to set up the portal device Aida made last week bring Coulson and Fitz home. Coulson questions Eli's power and where it comes from. He pushes Eli's buttons until the team is ready. And then he sticks out his right hand. Everyone moves in. Aida opens the portal, which begins to suck the box back to the other dimension. Melinda May, Mac Mackenzie, Yo Yo and Mace (in his battle suit) rush in. Yo Yo sets the scene for an easy win, pointing guns in the right or wrong directions, tossing Eli into the box with Robbie / Ghost Rider and giving Coulson a gun. They take out the gang easily. Coulson tosses the chain into Ghost Rider, trying to pull him out. But when it looks like Eli might escape, GR drops the chain and holds Eli in place until the box closes and disappears taking the bomb with it.

Quake has to run outside. She's been absorbing all the seismic activity that was being caused by Eli using his powers. Now she has too much and has to expel it. The power pushes her skyward hundreds of feet. She comes down and uses her powers to land… right in front of all the media. Before she can reply to all of their questions. Mace appears and tells the press that Agent Johnson has always been working for SHIELD but was in a long term undercover operation.

In the end, Daisy talks about getting Robbie's car to Gabe. Coulson tells her not to count Robbie out yet since the other Ghost Rider made it back. This seems to say that Coulson has at least some knowledge of Johnny Blaze. Mac and Yo-Yo finally kiss. Everyone gets together to celebrate but Mace and Radcliffe are off to the side. Mace gives Radcliffe the go ahead on his work on LMD's, but it will take place in house.

We cut to Radcliffe's lab where we see Aida kill the agent sent to get Radcliffe's data and she then check on Agent May who is hurt and unconscious. Now the question becomes how long has May been an LMD? Just since she was sent to pick up Aida or longer? I'm guessing just this mission as I think it was reading the Darkhold that pushed Aida over the edge. And that will be the focus when Marvel's Agents of SHIELD returns on January 10th.


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