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Marvel To Launch New "Hellvarine" Series
Writer Benjamin Percy and artist Julius Ohta introduced Hellverine in the Ghost Rider/Wolverine: Weapons Of Vengeance crossover And now it is getting its own series from Marvel in May, Marvel Comics to launch a new "Hellverine" Series in May by Benjamin Percy and Julius Ohta with this cover by Ryan Stegman. "Last year, writer Benjamin Percy set[...]
Parker Robbins, The Hood, Revealed As Marvel's New Ghost Rider
And is now the new Ghost Rider from Marvel Comics for 2024 In the new series Ghost Rider: Final Vengeance in March. Teased in Timeless, Benjamin Percy and Danny Kim are creating a new series for the new host of Zarathos, the Spirit of Vengeance and will abandon Johnny Blaze for a new rider The Hood. Armed with[...]
Interior preview page from GHOST RIDER #21 BJORN BARENDS COVER
Hey, Ghost Rider fans, rev those engines and get ready for a bumpy ride fraught with all the existential dread you can muster Ghost Rider #21 is screeching into your life on Wednesday, December 27th, flanked by flames and probably the smell of brimstone if you use your imagination Here's what Marvel is dangling in[...]
Marvel Introduces A Brand New Ghost Rider In 2024
Marvel's first Ghost Rider was a Western cowboy character whose name was later changed to Phantom Rider The more familiar character, created by Gary Friedrich, Roy Thomas and Mike Ploog first appeared in Marvel Spotlight #5 in August 1972 Johnny Blaze, a motorcycle stuntman who bonded with the Spirit of Vengeance named Zarathos to save[...]
Interior preview page from GHOST RIDER #20 BJORN BARENDS COVER
Well, folks, saddle up your flaming motorcycles because Ghost Rider #20 is revving to hit the stands this Wednesday, November 15th But before you risk getting singed by hellfire, let's peer through the smoke and see what Marvel has concocted for us this week with the synopsis: On the trail of the Cult of Mephisto, Talia[...]
marvel spotlight
Over the course of its run, the series would debut such popular characters as Werewolf by Night, Ghost Rider, and Spider-Woman With Echo about to be the first official project under the new banner, viewers will want to know what makes Marvel Spotlight different from anything else in the MCU "Marvel Spotlight gives us a platform[...]
Interior preview page from GHOST RIDER #19 BJORN BARENDS COVER
Dear readers, may I present Ghost Rider #19 – the ultimate blend of supernatural motorcycling and magician talent shows This bewildering spectacle is set to hit the comic stands on Wednesday, October 18th Brace yourselves. MOVE OVER, GHOST RIDER! Talia Warroad is one of the most gifted magicians in America But what happens when the Cult[...]
This time we've got Ghost Rider Annual #1 swirling in a whirlwind onto the comic shelves come this Wednesday, October 4th. Marvel gives us a quick n' dirty rundown of the plot: HAPPY HALLOWEEN, GHOST RIDER! Halloween is a night for monsters…and the Hood is one of those monsters! Can Ghost Rider and special guest ELSA BLOODSTONE[...]
Interior preview page from GHOST RIDER #18 BJORN BARENDS COVER
Well, let's all join hands and thank our lucky stars! Wednesday, September 13th, our eyes will be blessed with the pièce de résistance of comic storytelling: Ghost Rider #18 Am I kidding? Of course I am Are you kidding me? Johnny Blaze, the Spirit of Vengeance, hits the road Jack (or in this case, Talia)[...]
This week, it's Ghost Rider/Wolverine: Weapons of Vengeance Omega #1 set to hit the stores on September 6th. The creative duo of Benjamin Percy and Geoff Shaw are promising us an ending like no other Wolverine, Ghost Rider, and some previously unknown rascal called "Stitcher" – must be auditioning for the Great Marvel Sewing Bee or[...]
Interior preview page from DANNY KETCH: GHOST RIDER #4 BEN HARVEY COVER
Well, isn't this one igniting the "artsy" side of comics to a whole new level? Fans of overpayments and flaming skulls, mark your calendars! This Wednesday, August 30th, Danny Ketch: Ghost Rider #4 hits the stands with all the subtlety of a firecracker in a matchbox factory Our fiery hero is teaming up with Blaze[...]
Interior preview page from GHOST RIDER #17 RYAN STEGMAN COVER
I'm talking about the detective team-up of the volatile Wolverine and blazing Ghost Rider This not-so-dynamic duo is back to investigate yet another mutant homicide in Ghost Rider #17, hitting stores this Wednesday, August 16th The title Weapons of Vengeance sounds more like an 80s cop movie that aged poorly rather than a comic book,[...]
Right then, gather 'round, my little masochists! This week, hitting the stands on the screamingly enchanting date of August 9th, is Ghost Rider and Wolverine: Weapons of Vengeance Alpha #1 What is that you hear? Yeah, that's the sound of countless wallets weeping in unison. Here we go again: Logan and Blaze, a combo that would[...]
Unleash Hell with Sideshow’s New Ghost Rider Premium Format Figure
Ghost Rider is racing on with an impressive 21" tall statue that features Johnny Blaze surfing on top of hellcycle A lot of detail is put into this piece as from Ghost Riders' falling skull, the heat of his chain, and his hell-consumed motorcycle Translucent elements are featured throughout the statue, bringing the flames to[...]
Interior preview page from GHOST RIDER #15 BJORN BARENDS COVER
Marvel's Ghost Rider #15 is set to hit stores on Wednesday, June 28th, and the desperation is palpable Infernal Labs has managed to suck out the spirit of little Danny Ketch in order to fuel Dr Diyu's wicked experiments—and it's left to Johnny to save his brother's soul and about 6 billion people from fiery[...]
Ghost Rider, The Original One, Shoots A Dragon At Heritage Auctions
Ghost Rider is a character that has a complicated and weird publication history Most people would say that he is the flaming skull dude on a bike, and they would be correct Others, though, they may remember the original Ghost Rider Published by Magazine Enterprises, the character was born in 1949 and began as a[...]
Interior preview page from DANNY KETCH: GHOST RIDER #1 BEN HARVEY COVER
Say hello, once again, to Danny Ketch as Ghost Rider, whose return to the spotlight nobody asked for Set to remind everyone of comics' good ol' days, Marvel's Danny Ketch: Ghost Rider #1 is hitting stores on Wednesday, May 17th, and it's bound to have you feeling nostalgic (maybe). This untold tale, served up by Danny[...]
Interior preview page from GHOST RIDER #14 BJORN BARENDS COVER
Ah, Ghost Rider #14 – hitting comic book stores on Wednesday, May 10th DARK FREQUENCIES indeed What's better than a good, old-fashioned weaponizing of Hell's instruments with a side of mind-controlled soldiers? I guess nothing, except maybe a subtle hint of Johnny Blaze nursing a hangover while Danny Ketch flirts with the idea of exorcising[...]
Interior preview page from GHOST RIDER #13 BJORN BARENDS COVER
Welcome to Bleeding Cool's preview of Ghost Rider #13, where we take a look at what's coming up in the series In this issue, Johnny Blaze finds out that Danny Ketch has been a very naughty Ghost Rider We've paired up with our AI writing assistant, LOLtron, to provide a unique take on this preview[...]
Ghost Rider #9 (Magazine Enterprises, 1952)
If you're unaware that there was a comic book Ghost Rider character before Marvel's versions, the typical explanation goes something like this: This comic book version was created by artist Dick Ayers and writer Ray Krank under the direction of Magazine Enterprises editor Vincent Sullivan "Vin would come in and sit down and describe what[...]
Interior preview page from GHOST RIDER #12 BJORN BARENDS COVER
Welcome to Bleeding Cool's preview of Ghost Rider #12 It's been a wild ride so far and this issue looks to be no exception In this issue, some Georgia cops try to stop Ghost Rider from doing his thing It doesn't go well. Joining me, as always, is Bleeding Cool's AI writing assistant, LOLtron Don't try[...]
Marvel Comic From Father/Son Team Juan Ferreyra & Eduardo Ferreyra
He posts on Instagram and on Twitter about his latest work, "The Ghost Rider! a page from an upcoming project Pencils inks and color by me and my dad @Achuara #MarvelComics #GhostRider" An unannounced Marvel project with Ghost Rider from Juane Ferreyra and his father Eduardo Ferreyra?   Previous posts from Juan indicate that it is a "one[...]
Interior preview page from GHOST RIDER #11 BJORN BARENDS COVER
Welcome to Bleeding Cool's preview of Ghost Rider #11! In this issue, Johnny and Talia go for a little camping trip in the woods… what could possibly go wrong?! Joining me for this preview is none other than Bleeding Cool's AI writing assistant, LOLtron Let's see what it has to say about this issue Just[...]
Ghost Rider & Wolverine In Fall Of X Spinoff, Weapons Of Vengeance
Ghost Rider/Wolverine: Weapons Of Vengeance is a new event comic launching from Marvel Comics in August that will spin out of the upcoming Fall Of X event, written by Benjamin Percy who writes both the Wolverine and the Ghost Rider books right now, and drawn by Geoff Shaw of Thanos, Guardians Of The Galaxy, God[...]
Interior preview page from GHOST RIDER #10 BJORN BARENDS COVER
This week, Bleeding Cool takes a look at Ghost Rider #10, and it looks like we're in for a wild ride Ghost Rider is at it again, this time wreaking havoc on demons with a flaming chainsaw It's sure to be an action-packed issue, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who can't wait[...]
Interior preview page from GHOST RIDER #9 BJORN BARENDS COVER
The Spirit of Vengeance receives an offer it can't refuse in this preview of Ghost Rider #9… the chance to chow down on evil. LOLtron, the management here at Bleeding Cool has paired me with you in hopes of "improving the overall tone and quality of my work," so though I know I will regret it,[...]
Ghost Rider Gets A Hellish Mech and Bike Upgrade with LEGO
Releasing as part of their Marvel Super Heroes line, Ghost Rider is getting his very own mech this time Not only that, but his mech is also getting its very own blazing ride Coming in at only 264 pieces, this Mecha rider is packed with detail and features a Ghost Rider miniature that can be[...]
Auto Draft
This morning, we looked at Stephanie Phillips' upcoming work for Milestone at DC Comics in February, this afternoon, it's her work for Marvel Comics with the launch of a new Cosmic Ghost Rider series About the future version of Frank Castle, The Punisher, turned into a Ghost Rider spirit of vengeance and then an emissary[...]
Interior preview page from GHOST RIDER #8 KAEL NGU COVER
Johnny and Talia are attacked on the road by zombie roadkill in this preview of Ghost Rider #8. Bleeding Cool has asked us to partner with an AI for all previews articles We're sure this is going to backfire, but here goes LOLtron… what did you think of the preview? INITIATING CLICKBAIT PROTOCOLS… PROCESSING COMIC BOOK PREVIEW… LOLtron found[...]
Hasbro Gives Ghost Rider HasLab One Final Push with Daimon Hellstrom 
The final days of the Marvel Legends Ghost Rider Engine of Vengeance HasLab are near The latest crouch funding campaign is set to end on Halloween, and Hasbro is giving the Hellcharger one last push The final Marvel Legends Tier unlock figure has been revealed as another Hellspawn arrives with Daimon Hellstrom Bringing his design[...]