It All Comes Together – Agents Of SHIELD Season Finale

Aida, spurned by Fitz, is furious and wants to turn the real world into a copy of the Framework by setting the world against the Inhumans She starts by having an LMD of Daisy Johnson shoot General Talbot in the head and get SHIELD put on the most wanted list But SHIELD is able to[...]

Robbie Explains Why The Ghost Rider Is After Aida

Tomorrow night is the season finale of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD and in the clip below, we get to see exactly why the Ghost Rider is after Aida (Mallory Jansen) Robbie Reyes (Gabriel Luna) tries to explain how it all works to Daisy Johnson (Chloe Bennet) and Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg).Marvel's Agents of SHIELD season[...]

Agents of SHIELD

Out Of The Framework And Into The Frying Pan – Agents Of SHIELD Review

The most of the team come out of the Framework to find that Aida / Ophelia / Madame Hydra has gotten herself a real body and emotions plus a few added perks like teleportation She is in love with Leo Fitz and immediately takes off with him This leaves Melinda May and Phil Coulson in[...]

Anton Ivanov Goes From Bad To Worse In Agents Of SHIELD Sneak Peek

In the last Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, Anton Ivanov was left for dead by Quake / Daisy Johnson but saved by Aida But the sneak peek for next weeks episode shows that being in Aida's care may not be a better place for Ivanov to be.Marvel's Agents of SHIELD airs Tuesdays at 10 PM on[...]

Aida Vs The Cavalry In New Clip From Agents Of SHIELD

But now she has to go up against Aida (Mallory Jensen), an LMD This could be one of the best fights of the season and we have a glimpse of it below from tonight's episode.Marvel's Agents of SHIELD airs Tuesdays at 10 PM on ABC. Agent Melinda May (Ming-Na Wen) is known as the Cavalry[...]

Poker Faces And Secret Plans – Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD Returns

Where I thought the subterfuge might've been played out over a few episodes, everyone becomes aware of Aida almost immediately But that doesn't mean the surprises or intrigue was spoiled.. it was a very entertaining episode with a lot of questions left.It started with almost everyone together, getting their new assignments Mac, May and Coulson[...]

Robots Always Rise Up Against Their Overlords – Agents Of SHIELD Clip

Tonight we see the return of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD and the team is going to split into two, one is going to go and destroy the Darkhold while the other is going to replace Aida's memory since she read the book When Fitz and Radcliffe are hesitant about swapping the hard drive, Mac gets[...]

Whose Really Behind The LMDs on Agents Of SHIELD?

Radcliffe (John Hannah) created Aida (Mallory Jansen) and the Darkhold has turned her evil But has it really? Radcliffe wasn't exactly a nice guy when he was introduced and seemed almost eager to experiment on the Inhumans But this season he seems to be on the side of the angels.. or is he? Ming-Na Wen's[...]

Sneak Peek Of Agents Of SHIELD – Aida Has Made A Few Upgrades

Radcliffe (John Hannah) and Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) arrive with a couple agents to shutdown Aida (Mallory Jansen) But Aida is ahead of them and made a few unsettling upgrades, like taking away the on / off switch Looks like the LMD storyline is going to ramp up right away. Marvel's Agents of SHIELD returns[...]

Lies, Secrets And Ghost Rider – The Agents of SHIELD Winter Finale

Mace also wants Aida brought in Coulson has to tell him that Aida is an android Which disturbs Mace on two levels.. because that is against the Skovia Accords, and he found Aida attractive Mace approves doing it Coulson's way even with Aida.The media is swarming the parameter, but they get the team in quietly[...]

Agents Of SHIELD Cast Mallory Jansen As AIDA

According to TVLine, Mallory Jansen (Galavant) has been cast to play AIDA (Artifical Data Analyser), the disembodied voice we heard at the end of season 3.. except now it will be embodied In the comics AIDA is created by the Squadron Supreme's Tom Thumb but in the MCU she is created by Holden Radcliffe (John[...]