Live Action Naruto Is On The Way From Lionsgate With Creator In Tow


Naruto endures as one of the most globaally adored animes of all time. Instantly recognisable, probably even to many non-anime fans, it sits alongside Dragon Ball Z as one of the most prominant anime series ever.

Well, buckle up everyone. The series looks like its getting a live action film. That's not all though, as it looks like the franchise's creator Masashi Kishimoto is on board. Speaking at Weekly Jump's Jump Festa (via CB) ,he announced his involvement with the Lionsgate film, and said he was working with Director Michael Gracey on the adaption. It doesn't currently have a release window.

Honestly, I'm not 100% sure who this film will end up being for. I assume most of the franchise fans will be very cautious of the anime getting westernised and made by Hollywood, and I question if enough of a mainstream audience will be into ninjas with a head band on (… I don't know a lot about Naruto). I suppose we are set to find out though, regardless of if we want it or not.


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