The Russo Brothers Talk To Us About Managing The Tones Of The Infinity War Movies


One of the interesting things about Captain America: Civil War is that is juggles tone a lot. It's part The Winter Soldier espionage and part Avengers bombastic adventure. It's a difficult balance, but one the Russo Brothers admirably do, especially when it comes to characters mixing.

That job in the upcoming Infinity War movies is even more complicated though, as it will likely bring in the world of the Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange and possibly more. Speaking to us in a roundtable discussion, the directors talked a little more about juggling all that and the multi-perspective narrative. On the challenge of balancing tones, they said:

Anthony Russo: It is and it will be. One of the things that will make the movie unique is scale. We have to keep working hard to surprise the audience which is why we wanted to deconstruct the traditional three act structure in this movie [Civil War]. The thing about that movie [Infinity War] is it will be a multi-perspective film. It's telling the story of a lot of characters and they all have a different tone, but that is also what will make it fun. It's like you're in a laboratory, pouring things together and hoping they don't explode. 

Joseph Russo: Or do. 

AR: Or do explode. That is one of the most challenging, but fun things about that movie. 

They have a hell of a job on their hands, but with Civil War, they have shown they have a pretty strong grasp of the fun that comes with smashing characters together. Those two movies sure are going to be fascinating.

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