'Tony Hawk 5' Is The Working Title For New Game In The Franchise

We've known about a new Tony Hawk game for a while, and we fans of the older series have been patiently waiting for more news on the latest installment. Sadly, none has officially come as of yet.

That doesn't mean it isn't getting out there though. During an event, chef Joe Youkhan shared this image on Instagram which clearly shows a Tony Hawks 5 logo in the background. (The original image has now been taken down.)


Polygon did some asking around and someone at Activision has said that Tony Hawk 5 is just a working title. Even with that the case, it does certainly point to some intent for the game. This isn't a Tony Hawk game with a vague subtitle. This is probably meant to be a continuation of the formula of the main Tony Hawk's Pro-Skater series as the last entry was indeed '4'.

That is exciting news. I expect we will find out more at E3.