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The Swordsman of All Swordsman Shows How Far Wuxia Movies Can Go
Director Joseph Kuo is best known for his kung fu films but also became a major director of wuxia films during the genre's boom in Taiwan, starting with this film. The Swordsman of All Swordsmen still, courtesy of 10th Old School Kung Fu Fest. The plot starts out straightforward, like a Spaghetti Western, on a journey for[...]
Vengeance of the Phoenix Sisters: A Dash of Wuxia Girl Power
Festival notes from the 10th Old School Kung Fu Fest describe the movie as the A Bout de Souffle, or Breathless, of wuxia films It was low budget, shot quickly in black and white, and almost has a tossed-off quality about it The handheld camera, fast pace, rapid editing makes it all breezy fun, redolent[...]
King of Wuxia is the Definitive Documentary on Director King Hu
Acclaimed Hong Kong filmmakers like John Woo, Tsui Hark, Ann Hui (who worked as his assistant before she became a director), and Sammo Hung are also on hand to talk about his vast influence on them and the entire industry. Still from "Come Drink With Me," featured in "King of Wuxia" in the 10th Old School[...]
10th Old School Kung Fu Fest 2023 in New York Touts Wuxia Classics
With 12 movies on the big screen and three more online, they're showcasing everything they could find at the Metrograph Theater in Downtown New York City—this one of the major movie events of the year. Still from "A City Called Dragon" in the 10th Old School Kung Fu Fest We managed to interview Subway Cinema co-founder and[...]
10th Old School Kung Fu Fest 2023 in New York Touts Wuxia Classics
Wuxia movies have a long history in Chinese cinema, but when King Hu's Dragon Inn premiered in 1967, it kicked off a wuxia revival that reinvented action movies, so this year's festival is devoted to celebrating the wuxia movies from King Hu's homeland of Taiwan by going big or going home! With 12 movies on the[...]