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God Of War Takes Top Honors at 15th Annual BAFTA Games Awards
You can see the full list of winners below. credit//BAFTA Original Property: Into the Breach Music: God of War Game Design: The Return of the Obra Dinn Evolving Game: Fortnite Narrative: God of War Debut Game: Yoku's Island Express Mobile: Florence Family: Nintendo Labo Artistic Achievement: The Return of the Obra Dinn Multiplayer: A Way Out Audio Achievement: God of War Game Innovation: Nintendo Labo Performer: Jeremy Davies (God of War) Best British Game: Forza Horizon 4 Game Beyond Entertainment: My Child Lebensborn Mobile Game[...]
Marvel's spiderman
Before we get to the reveal, here are the nominees for Best Action Adventure Game of 2018: God of War Shadow of the Tomb Raider Marvel's Spider-Man We Happy Few A Way Out And the winner is… Marvel's Spider-Man! credit//Insomniac Games   Our staff was pretty unanimous on this one While Shadow of the Tomb Raider and We Happy Few came in second and third, respectively, Spider-Man[...]
A Way Out banner
EA has announced that its release, A Way Out has seen an impressive 2.6 million players play the game. credit//Electronic Arts A Way Out was a bit of a divisive release The game had lovers, as well as detractors, but few would argue it isn't unique The game sees two players taking over the role of brothers[...]
A Way Out banner
credit//Electronic Arts Hazelight Studios and EA Originals' A Way Out is absolutely more than just a playable prison-break movie — it is also a proper pastiche of games within games. A Way Out has something for literally everyone You've got sports games, board games, 8-bit retro throwbacks, and even skill-based mini-games. All throughout your prison-break, escape, and revenge shenanigans in A[...]
A Way Out is More than Just a Playable Prison Break Movie
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] EA Originals and Hazelight's A Way Out is a playable prison break movie In a lot of ways, it allows you to pretend you're Clint Eastwood in Escape from Alcatraz However, because it can only be played as a two-person co-op game, Hazelight managed to give us more than just an interactive movie[...]
Detective Pikachu
Baseball 18 (PS4, Switch, XB1) Sea of Thieves (PC, XB1) Shantae and the Pirate's Curse (Switch) Swim Out (Switch) Titan Quest (PC, PS4, XB1) Velocity 2X: Critical Mass Edition [Physical] (PS4, Vita) March 21st Bad Dudes (Switch) Dream Alone (PC) Lunar Stone: Origin of Blood [VR] (PS4) Where Are My Friends? (PS4, XB1) World of Warriors (PS4) March 22nd Ark Park [VR] (PC, PS4) EAT BEAT DEADSPIKE-san (Switch) Gekido Kintaro's[...]
A Way Out banner
In case you were curious about how in-depth the achievements were going to be for Electronic Arts' next Xbox One title, A Way Out, you'll be surprised to find out that there's not a lot to do ExoPhase managed to get the complete list, which we have for you below, to which we all discovered[...]
Top 10 Indie Games to Watch in 2018
This is our list of indie games to keep an eye on. A Way Out is Josef Fares's second game and it's a split screen co-op multiplayer action-adventure that focuses on two convicts who must break out of a prison together and avoid the authorities It is also a game that Fares rambled incoherently about during The Game[...]
A Way Out Director Explains His Outburst At The Game Awards
There are no second guesses for what that moment was this year. When promoting A Way Out, director Josef Fares went on a three-minute rant about EA, microtransactions, games, and of course a rather 'colourful' comment about the Oscars Speaking to Polygon about the outburst, Fares while saying he probably got carried away, asserts it's just who he[...]
You Only Need One Copy of a Way Out to Play with a Friend in Co-Op
A Way Out has had a big week First off, the game's director Josef Fares transcended the Gane Awards by going on a crazy rant about games, microtransactions, art, EA and what he thought about the Oscars all within the space of 90 seconds It was as magical and endearing as it was scattershot and[...]
A Brief Look At EA Play's Most Talked About Highlights
The surprise winner of EA Play's presentation is their original IP, A Way Out While the new title from the creators of 2013's indie darling Brothers was put up next to Bioware's new IP and EA mainstays like FIFA and Madden, the game dominated te social media circuit according to the latest statistics courtesy of[...]
EA Reveals New IP 'A Way Out' At EA Play
EA also introduced a brand new IP called A Way Out at EA Play The game is an EA original, but looks like you'll be escaping from prison As common as this is in film, it's not often explored as deeply in games So this should prove interesting. The IP is a new co-op-only adventure game by the[...]