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But Like Maybe? The First Comic Book Based On An Instagram Account
But I think this is the first comic book that has been adapted from an Instagram account. TAGGING HIM AND @@@@'ING HIM!!!!! OMG I HEAR WEDDING BELLS !!!! HOPE HE DOESNT HIDE FROM PROFILE !!!!! A photo posted by @butlikemaybe on May 9, 2016 at 5:51pm PDT Bliss On Tap is publishing But Like Maybe #1 in August,[...]
Dan DiDio Deletes His Twitter Account – It's All About Rabbits
Who has, it seems, deleted his Twitter account in its entirety. As a public face of DC, DiDio has drawn all sorts of ire, including the #FireDiDio hashtag which pops up every now and then when someone doesn't like something DC has – or hasn't – published. But this was from his last tweet. Swipe file?   [...]