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Developer Obsidian Entertainment has been out making noise about a potential remaster for Alpha Protocol. Alpha Protocol was a pretty decisively received game when it came out in 2010 The title, which followed an agent who was part of a covert government agency, never set the charts on fire but to this day, retains a cult audience[...]
Sega's End Of Year Presentation Hints That Old Sega Franchises Might Return
Alpha Protocol developer Obsidian found the news interesting, if nothing else. You don't say. What if…? — Obsidian (@Obsidian) May 15, 2017 This news isn't quite surprising SEGA has a number of properties to leverage that have been left languishing for years now, including the less well known franchises like Trauma Center or one-offs like Radiant Historia[...]
Interactive Story In Gaming – Something Old or Something New?
This branched pathing leads to dialogue often being re-written with subtle nuance and change to help the player gain agency and have their unique story experience: Alpha Protocol provides an excellent example of this, where the player can change their emotional responses to other characters (although the gameplay unfortunately allows this experience to falter) The[...]