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The Analogue Duo Retro System Will Launch Sometime In 2021
Retro console developer Analogue revealed this past week that their upcoming system the Analogue Duo will be released in 2021 The company has been developing different versions of consoles to play all your retro games for those of us who still have a collection sitting off to the side Giving you an option for a[...]
The Analogue Pocket May Be The Coolest Retro Handheld Ever
Credit: Analogue Love handheld gaming? You're going to love the Analogue Pocket, the gaming hardware company's "tribute" to portable gaming. The same company that brought us gorgeous, Instagram-worthy renditions of systems that can play NES and SNES games is responsible for this bad boy For $199, you can snap it up in 2020 It'll be able to[...]
Analogue Unveils Their Genesis Retro Console With the Mega Sg
Analogue has released new details today about their latest retro console that will hit the market next year, as they showed off the Mega Sg This is the company's version of the SEGA Genesis, boasting the ability to play 2,180 games from SEGA's library from the Genesis, Mega Drive, and Master System, all in HD[...]