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Credit// FromSoftware It's been a while since we last heard about Armored Core and there hasn't been a new game announcement despite the recent 20th anniversary live stream, but FromSoftware says that the series is not dead just yet. Earlier today, FromSoftware hosted a special Armored Core 20th anniversary live stream over at NicoNico Live called the "Armored Core Suite 02." Siliconera reports[...]
Should We Expect A Collaboration Between The Expanse And FromSoftware? Probably not.
Franck seems to believe "The Expanse is a mod pack for Star Citizen." So, as of right now, an Expanse video game seems unlikely. IGN seems to believe that the game could be the new edition of Armored Core. I'm thinking its Dark Souls 4, personally.   Credit: FromSoftware Ty Franck, co-creator of the SyFy Channel show The Expanse, revealed[...]