Should We Expect A Collaboration Between The Expanse And FromSoftware? Probably not.

Credit: FromSoftware
Credit: FromSoftware

Ty Franck, co-creator of the SyFy Channel show The Expanse, revealed that he has worked with FromSoftware, best known for their work on the Dark Souls games, on an unknown project.

In Franck's interview with Glixel, he mainly focused on his work with Star Citizen and why exactly he hated Mass Effect 3 – as if we couldn't take a blind guess at the last one (yes his reasoning boiled down to "the ending sucked"). During the interview he stated "Yeah, I actually have done some work with From Software so… I'm, like, writing stuff for them, so I'm pretty familiar with the Dark Souls franchise."

Given that Franck does not own the rights to The Expanse, it could be a brand new IP, the next Dark Souls, or an Expanse game. Time will tell, I suppose.

The Expanse originally started as the basis for an MMO RPG and later a tabletop game which somehow then made it to the SyFy channel but why I'd expect anything else from the people who brought us Sharknado and my personal favorite Ghost Shark, I don't know. Franck seems to believe "The Expanse is a mod pack for Star Citizen." So, as of right now, an Expanse video game seems unlikely.

IGN seems to believe that the game could be the new edition of Armored Core.

I'm thinking its Dark Souls 4, personally.


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