Dave Sim Parodies Rob Liefelds Avengylene for You Dont Know Jack

Dave Sim Parodies Rob Liefeld's Avengylene for You Don't Know Jack

You Don't Know Jack focuses on her and her relationship with the artist, represented as a floating glove holding an ink pen. What happens when people of different backgrounds stop talking to each other, and conversation itself is controversial?In 2017, shortly after the election of Donald Trump, noted Cartoonist and Bear-Poker Dave Sim teamed up with moderately-noted Painter and[...]

Swipe File: Gina Carano And&#8230 Gina Carano

Swipe File: Gina Carano And… Gina Carano

This is a photo of actress and martial artist Gina Carano taken by sports photographer Tom Casino that appeared in the US edition of Maxim. And below that is the cover of Rob Liefeld's Gina Carano Avengelyne Variant , exclusive to Jimmy Jay's Jay Comics. And here's the comic on sale! Exclusive Gina Carano Avengelyne #1 Comic-Con […]