Boycott Threatens To Disrupt Angoulême Grand Prix

The new demographic is likelier to reward the foreign, the writer-only and the novel.In protest, sixteen members of the Academy, José Muñoz, Enki Bilal, François Schuiten, Florence Cestac René Pétillon, André Juillard, Daniel Goossens, Frank Margerin, Philippe Vuillemin, Martin Veyron, Jean-Claude Denis, Baru, François Boucq, Philippe Dupuy and current president and winner of last year's[...]

Angoulême Poster By Baru Unveiled

Here's the main poster for the Angoulême festival, the largest comics convention t=in the world, taking place in France in the town of Angoulême at the end of the month.It's by last year's Great Prize winner at - and as a result this year's festival's president - Baru.The four figures on the wall are from[...]