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Did Two Captions Doom Ozymandias?
There are spoilers here for Before Watchmen: Ozymandias #4 But then, only if you haven;t read Watchmen In which case, there are spoilers for Watchmen too. I've been enjoying quite a lot of Before Watchmen There are a few things that rankle, the misuse of quantum theory in Doctor Manhattan, a certain ordinariness in Nite Owl,[...]
Dr Manhattan Rewrites Watchmen, And Chooses His Own Adventure
It's been an entertaining pastime for some people reading Before Watchmen to look for continuity niggles Would Comedian's mugshot really be on Captain Metropolis' wall before the Minutemen were formed? Why did the possibility that Comedian killed Kennedy have to be intentionally removed in The Comedian? That kind of thing. Well, they will have a field[...]