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Rick and Morty and Adult Swim are kicking off the "12 Days of Rickmas" starting December 1 (Image: Adult Swim)
With the festivities wrapping up today, you can head over to the main site (here), plug-in some personal info, and then submit for a chance to be one of ten (10) who win this final day's "present." Previously, we've had a The Queen's Gambit homage, sweet Hot Wheels wheels, the NX-5 Planet Remover's arch-enemy, a[...]
Tenet: Warner Bros Changed Film Logo Avoiding Brand Confusion
When the first trailer for Tenet came out on December 19th, 2019, writer and director, Christopher Nolan did not realize how similar the logo for his film came to a specific bicycle components company of the same name based out of Bellingham, Washington The last two letters, "et" in Tenet, references "time inversion." The biking[...]