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Former Graphicly Employee Speaks Out About Failed Merger With Blurb
Yesterday, Micah Baldwin, former of Graphicly, now at Blurb, wrote, Today is the Graphicly team's first day at Blurb (I'll leave talk about the transaction to other more journalistic channels Let me just say that everyone is happier today than they were yesterday.) Not everyone, We already reported one publisher now feeling the pinch and more have[...]
Blurb Hires Graphicly's Micah Baldwin And More Staff Ahead Of Book Fair
Indie book publisher Blurb that specialise in allowing authors to self publish books through them is hiring key members of the digital comic publisher and enabler Graphicly, including co-founder Micah Baldwin to increase their digital publishing program Graphicly used to be a ComiXology rival, then reinvented themselves as a service to enable comic creators tpo[...]
The Angels Take Manhattan – Official Blurb And Piles Of Doctor Who Pictures
But really, for now, we're just guessing. Here are the latest clues: an official blurb for the episode, and a whole stack of promo images These were supposed to be embargoed until Midnight next Tuesday but… well, I don't know if what happened was timey wimey per se, but it was certainly a bit wibbly wobbly. The[...]