Marvel Comics Finally Cancels Bendis And Bagley's Brilliant

We've recently seen Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev's Scarlet get back on track. But for Brilliant #6 and #7 with Mark Bagley? No such luck. Originally scheduled for May and August 2012, they have been bumping up and down the schedules ever since. Well, it seems that enough is enough and Marvel are cancelling both titles, […]

Comics That Are (Hopefully) Worth Waiting For – Multiversity To Hawkeye

An occasional look at lateness, comics that are on the schedule to be published but maybe a little later than we might have thought… and when we might expect them. The Wonder Woman Annual #1 by Meredith and David Finch and more, intended to come out in March will now be resolicited to come out […]

14th January 2015 – A New Bendis Day?

A few months ago. we looked at what appeared to be Bendis Day, four creator owned books written by Brian Bendis, all late but all scheduled to be published on September 10th. Brilliant #6, originally meant to come out in May 2012. Powers: Bureau #11, originally for December 2013. Scarlet #8, originally for April 2013. And The United States of Murder, Inc #5, originally […]

September 10th – Brian Bendis Creator-Owned Day?

According to Marvel scheduling statistics, four creator owned books written by Brian Bendis are meant to come out on September 10th. That would be Brilliant #6, originally meant to come out in May 2012. Powers: Bureau #11, originally for December 2013. Scarlet #8, originally for April 2013. And The United States of Murder, Inc #5, originally […]