Bullet Gal

Bullet Gal: A Tale Of Divided Loyalties

Probably my parents have to shoulder much of the burden - after all my dad made me watch ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ when I was four, while on the telly I consumed (with them) everything from old Godzilla numbers shoddily dubbed into English, 1950s sci-fi flicks and Humphrey Bogart strutting his stuff as both Spade[...]

Spotlight On Indie Comics – Featuring The Hero Business, Nowhere Man and Bullet Gal

For more information about Nowhere Man as well as the future of Walford’s Brooklyn-based Forward Comix publishing house check out his interview from New York Comic-Con and be on the look-out for reviews of book two and three in upcoming editions of Indie Spotlight.Bullet Gal by Andrez Berzen is published through Melbourne based IF? Commix[...]