Spotlight On Indie Comics – Featuring The Hero Business, Nowhere Man, Squarriors And Bullet Gal (VIDEO)

By Shawn Perry

Happy Holidays Bleederinos! Hope you got everything you wanted…oh something was missing was it? Could it have been a brand-new edition of Indie Spotlight perchance?

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 6.25.19 PMThis week I cover new issues of The Hero Business by Bill Walko, Nowhere Man by Jerome Walford and Bullet Gal by Andrez Bergen as well as muse a little tender on the now-infamous Squarriors by Ashley Witter and Ash Maczko!


Next time look forward to coverage Concrete Martians, Dead Man's Party, Holidaze and who knows what else as well as a Special Year-in-Review Edition of Indie Spotlight later this week.

Peace-Out, Bleeders!

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