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America's Best Comics #1 (Nedor Publications, 1942)
Anthology titles combining stories featuring a publisher's best characters was a standard practice of the Golden Age.  DC Comics had World's Finest Comics and All-Star Comics, Fox Feature Syndicate had Big 3, and Marvel/Timely had All-Winners Comics, for example.  In 1942, Ned Pines' Standard/Better/Nedor followed suit by launching America's Best Comics, featuring the Black Terror,[...]
Startling Comics #1 (Better Publications, 1940) featuring Captain Future.
Captain Future, the lead character of the debut of Startling Comics, might be one of the most confusing characters in Golden Age comic book history.  The pulp character of that name (and from the same publisher, Ned Pines' Standard Magazines group) was, according to legend, created by Standard Magazines editors Mort Weisinger and Leo Margulies[...]